Graphic Design

When you design your stationery and signage, pick fonts that are elegant, sophisticated and visually interesting. The invitation is the sneak peek into what your guests are to expect from your wedding. It will help them understand the mood, the dress code and the formalities of the day. It is really important that you work with clear and interesting fonts.

Some tips:

  • Stick to only TWO fonts at the most across your stationery. You don't want to confuse your guests and make it hard for them to follow. 
  • Have only a few coloured fonts so it is easy to read and looks consistent
  • Be creative in the placement of the fonts - speak with your graphic stylist or calligrapher about some interesting placement of the text, spacing and size.
  • It must be easy to read at a glance - don't put too much information on a page. Keep it clear and simple. If, for example, on your invites you have some suggestions about activities or day plans, why not create a website that they can visit? That way the only thing you need on your invite is URL. Alternatively, have a separate page for the various elements, such as 'directions' or 'activities'
  • Work with a great designer. It is really important you are happy with your invites. It can be very time consuming trying to DIY your own and couples are not always happy. That is not to say you can't create your own but I strongly advise you get a bit of guidance if your budget permits.
  • Letter press is a great option for experimenting with different papers, fonts and graphic styles. The guys at D&D Letterpress and The Distillery are great... 

Above all, keep it simple. Elegance is at its best with clean and clear finishes.



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(Images: kate spade)