Marquee Transformation

This is probably the nicest marquee transformation that I’ve seen to date which was designed by the one of my idols, Preston Bailey. When I saw these images I was simply blown away and had to share.

(Image Source: Preston Bailey)

(Image Source: Preston Bailey)

A marquee was built on top of a tennis court and transformed into a unique, open and utterly romantic room. The walls were been lined with dark green grass, which I believe is to draw on the colours of a green tennis court and create the feeling of a luxury country tennis club. 

The backs of the seats somewhat resemble the shape of tennis racquets and big beautiful pink trees bring the outside in and create a clean, soft and feminine touch. The colours of the décor and flower arrangements are complimentary and create a feeling of elegance and sophistication. The glass roof creates a wonderful open effect in which allows guests to sip cocktails in the sun and dance under the stars as night falls.

Can’t you just picture the likes of Hollywood’s Frank Sinatra dressed in a tuxedo and belting away a romantic tune to American royalty?

In the words of Sinatra:

"The best is yet to come. 
And won’t that be fine. 
You think you’ve seen the sun.
But you ain’t seen it shine”

Preston, you’ve outdone yourself once again!



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