Just putting it on the table: where to start planning

Where do you start planning one of the most perfect day in your life?

(Image source:  Hanaluluco  featuring Marimekko and Kate Spade) 

(Image source: Hanaluluco featuring Marimekko and Kate Spade) 

I’m frequently asked this question and more often than not I see brides turn to simplistic guides on what you should do first, second and third. These are misleading and not applicable to most weddings.

Every wedding is unique and comes with it its own challenges and time scales.

(Image source: Kate Spade)

(Image source: Kate Spade)

(Image source: Kate Spade)

(Image source: Kate Spade)

Therefore, I think it much more appropriate to give you a list of key areas you will need to cover as Wedding Project Manager. Each area will then need to be learnt in detail. And, once you’ve got your head around these, you will be able to implement appropriate plans and timelines that apply to your day.

Refer back to our post on “Wedding Poker” to understand your role in organising the wedding

Project Management

Theme & Styling

Etiquette & Contingencies

  • Speeches
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Bridal party duties
  • Contingencies

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