Vintage Interior Styling

We love vintage wedding decor if it is styled appropriately. The key is to take your guests on a journey. Make them feel like they have stepped back in time. Although this is a trend that is quickly fading from the wedding industry, for those who still want a bit of an period wedding, here are a few ideas.

Vintage covers a variety of eras so the possibilities are just endless.

A vintage wedding garden party could be based of Marie Antoinette with pastel couches, umbrellas, large pink lace fans, strawberry cocktails, cupcakes, candles and pots of rose tea. Or, a gala wedding reminiscent of the Kennedy’s with large chandeliers, 1960’s jazz band music, luxurious white, black and gold décor, fairy lights and clear olive Martinis. Each era is vintage, yet they are completely different. That's why it is so important you pick ONE era you'd like and stick with it. 

Research is really important here so you don't mix up periods. Look for old picture, interior styles and food choices within that period. Make sure this is then applied to every aspect of your wedding, from your dress choice, venue, table settings, menu, invitations and music. Please do not have a wedding that is "half" vintage. Some of the more obvious vintage props are chess boards, feathers, hats, suitcases, gloves, milk bottles and jars. But, vintage is so much more than these fairly common items. If you do your homework I think you'd be surprised with what wonderful things you can find.

Vintage does not need to be cluttered. Whilst you should always follow through with any theme you decide on, this theme can look a little cheesy if you are not careful. 

If your budget permits, why not get some period performers, such as 1920's Charleston dancers, for your guests as some light entertainment? The entertainment should always match the theme, so keep the music and instruments played within the period you are depicting. 

For your ceremony, you can style that also in Vintage theme with selecting a style of venue suitable to that period, styling the ceremony as a wedding would be in that period, playing music from that period when you walk down the aisle, select readings that were written during that era.

If you need our help to put together a story board for your vintage wedding, please contact us about our consulting services

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(Images from a variety of sources including Pinterest and Wedbook)