Professional Calligraphy (+DIY workshop!)

Professional calligraphy can add a timeless and elegant touch to your wedding. A calligrapher or lettering professional can help with your signage, invites, menus, thank you cards, name cards, murals, seating chart and so on.  

Workshop with them a wonderful font that really expresses you as a couple and the style you are after for your wedding. As it is all hand created, nothing will look exactly the same and it will be completely personalised. You can ask them to experiment on chalk boards, mirrors, windows, walls or fabulous french paper. Really the possibilities are endless if you get one awesome and creative calligrapher.

One lettering professional that we know wonderful things about is Carla Hackett Lettering. Carla is Melbourne based and also arranges workshops so brides can learn about the craft and do their own wedding stationery!

Some other places to have a look at lettering style (and where we sourced these images) are: Calligraphy for WeddingsWritten Word CalligraphyJanet PogorelcThe Ink BlotEtsy and Pinterest 

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