DIY Chandeliers

Make your own chandelier and cut costs for your wedding. Chandeliers are extremely expensive and can make a large dent into your wedding budget. If you have the time, why not try to make your own. This could save you a fair amount of money.

Chandeliers can vary in size, shape and style. Speak with your venue about what can be attached to the ceiling and then measure the size of the roof and tables. You want the chandeliers to be in proportion with the rest of your room.

Then start small. Sketch out some ideas and build a few miniature models with using a variety of colours, materials and styles. Once you are happy with your design, research materials you could use to bring a large one to life.

Finally set about building your own lighting displays. You can use fabrics, twigs, fairy lights, beads, mason jars, silk flowers, foam, wine bottles, tins or ribbons. If you want a really big hoop, you could use wire or plastic tubing. For a smaller hoop, you can use a hula hoop. The possibilities are endless and there are lots of great sites online that provide instructions.

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