Flash Mob Ceremony

This video is spectacular. What an amazing way to bring all your friends together and share in laughter, dance and one truly memorable experience - and who doesn't love a good 'old dance to the movie soundtrack, Grease!

For those planning a Same-Sex marriage or Civil Ceremony this could be a perfect way to celebrate the occasion. Have a flash mob dance to finish off your wedding vowels. These guys have nailed it! 

If you'd like to do the same the best way to organise this is:

  • Get your list of who is to perform together, arrange a dance teacher and schedule some lessons with your group. What an awesome way to spend time with your favourite people.
  • As your flash mob to practice at home so they know exactly what they are doing. It helps to have someone film the group during your dance lessons, share the clip and everyone in the Mob can go home an rehearse privately.
  • Don't make it too hard! If you have a few key dancers who want to take on extra challenge then that is fine, but for the general Mob try to make it easy. This video is a wonderful example of this.
  • Pick a song that is easy to listen and dance too, something light, fun and with a nice rhythm. A song from movie or musical is always great as people can relate to it and always practice in front of the TV. Find a dance studio in your local area.
  • Schedule a mock up rehearsal so people know where they are sitting/dancing
  • Advise the flash mob exactly when they will be performing so there are no shocks on the day
  • If you are arranging props, make sure you practice with them (such as jumping into cars or throwing streamers). This can be disastrous if not well rehearsed.
  • Only have people in the Flash Mob that are comfortable doing it. The last thing you will want is either someone sticking out because they feel uncomfortable or making a guest sweat in fear for days leading up to your wedding. 
  • Only tell those who are in the Mob and ask them to keep it a secret. You want it to be a surprise for the other guests.
  • Have a great Videographer. As them to make sure they have prime position to video the Flash Mob Dance and that no other suppliers get in the way of the video. This is something you'll want to remember for ever.

Contact us if you need some help!

"We couldn't think of a more fitting way to end our ceremony. Thanks to our family and friends who made this very special part of our very special day possible. Love, David & Steve"

This wedding took place on 8.23.14 at Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA. Video by Dan Comins. Music: "We Go Together" by John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John

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