Styling LED Candles

If you are planning to have candles to create a lovely romantic ambiance here is a hot tip. Rather than asking your coordinator or venue to spend the night lighting hundreds of candles, why not have half LED and half real.

I was taught this through one of the experts, Preston Bailey. His spectacular weddings will usually have hundreds of candles. It would be rather onerous (and possibly a fire hazard) to have so much naked flame. That is why he suggests mixing it up. 

Put the LED candles in places that are hard to reach or not too close to your guests. Candles close to your guests should be real flames. That way, you will trick your guests into thinking all the candles are natural. You will WOW them with an amazing lighting effect.



Images: Chandelier with Candles; Ceremony; Lanterns, Step Candles, Table with Roses;  Pinterest Garden Ceremony; Preston Bailey White wedding reception.

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