Panna Cotta Styling

There are so many wonderful ways you can incorporate a dessert like Panna Cotta into your wedding menu. Now we aren't chefs and don't want to pretend that we know the ins and outs of making panna cotta. But what we do know (oh so well!) is how to keep a group of wedding guests happy. If you just follow some simple rules your guests taken back by thoughtful attention to detail and have only wonderful things to say about your delicious dessert. 

When deciding which type of Panna Cotta to ask your caterers to whip up it is important that you think about three main aspects:

  1. The time of year
  2. Your event style
  3. Flavours

Time of year (season)

The time of year is very important as you don't want to serve your guests something that will be too heavy on a hot summers night or icy cold for winter. You also want the look of the dessert to be inviting to guests. That is, if it is a cold time of year, you might like to avoid serving your dessert in something that your guests need to hold such as a glass or mason jar. Instead serve it on a plate or in a mug. 

Event style 

Keep in mind your theme and dress code at your wedding when choosing the dessert and how it is served. If you are having a vintage wedding, you might decide to use vintage cut crystal glasses with flavours such as lavender, berry or honey. If a black tie modern wedding, then try serving it on simple plates with elegantly placed edible flowers. 

Your dessert should also be a symbol of you as a couple. It shows your past and can also show your future. Who would have thought it would be that cleaver!?  We've been to many weddings where the bride and groom didn't pick a dessert they felt meant something to them. They picked what they thought would be crowd pleasers. Instead, try to pick something that not only represents you as a couple in the past and future. It should also tie in elements of your wedding day theme.

For example:

If you and your hubby to be had the best time drinking from coconuts on your first vacation together and you are having a "summer beach style wedding", then it might be nice to serve coconut and lime flavoured Panna Cotta served in coconut shells.

If you are having a "winter winery wedding" and one of your favourite moments as a couple was sitting beside a log fire with a cup of coco, then why not have chocolate and red wine flavoured Panna Cotta. You could serve the dessert in a coffee mug with some red wine sauce in a small cream pourer for your guests to spread over the dessert. Then place the pourer and mug on top of a small log cut off (which represents the fireplace). You would then be successfully incorporating not only your favourite romantic moment together but you are tying in the present moment by pouring red wine on your dessert at the "winery wedding". The process of pouring the wine over the panna cotta would also be a lovely symbol of your love. The wine symbolises the future and the chocolate symbolises the past. Your guests will then be subconsciously recognising your past and now future. They are part of this momentous occasion. 

If your favourite moment was in winter, but you are having a summer wedding then that is easy to adapt. For example, if you enjoyed chocolate and red wine in winter, but had a summer wedding then you could have vanilla and white chocolate panna cotta served in stemless wine glasses with white edible flowers on top. Talk to us if you need some help working on your dessert (panna cotta or other!)



When deciding which type of Panna Cotta dessert to ask your caterers to whip up it is important to think about the type of flavours that you'd like. Again, think about the time of year and the style of event. It is also really important to pick something that represents you as a couple. If you don't like a particular flavour, then why would you serve it to your guests? After all, this dessert will be seen as a representation of who you are as a couple. 


For summer months try Apple Mint, Asian inspired Green Tea, Orange & Ginger, Coconut Lime, Mulberry, Buttermilk & Raspberry, Rose Water, Pistachio, Mango & Vanilla,  Coconut & Pink Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime, or Lavender. Incorporate seasonal flowers or herbs into the design.


For cooler months when you'd like your guests to be eating something hearty then try Rhubarb & Strawberry, Vanilla with Red Wine Syrup, Yoghurt & Honey, Salted Caramal, Expresso, Cauliflower with fresh flowers, Pomegranate and Vanilla, White Chocolate with Rose Persian Fairy Floss & dried petals, Milk Chocolate, Cardamom with Figs, or Blood Orange. Incorporate elements such as coffee beans, vanilla pods or honey jars into the design. 

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