Glitter It Up

A wedding is not the same with out a little bit of sparkle. Keep it tasteful and just add a few unique touches.

It is also extremely important that if you do decide you do decide to work with glitter that you are very neat and careful with the glitter placement. It can look very cheap if you have glitter not properly placed. We'd also advise that glitter is not loose on the tables. The last thing you want is for all your guests to have their favourite outfit covered in sticky stuff. 

Keep the colours to a minimum. Metallic colours such as gold, silver, rose gold can be very elegant. We'd also suggest that you don't mix too many colours together if placing on the tables. It can look a little too much like a kids party so your placement is crucial.

Finally, if you would like to include glitter on food, please be sure that it is edible! There are a number of stores that sell edible glitter or gold leaf, such as Baking Pleasures, so please be sure you check this first!

Glitter is a cheap and relatively easy way to give a little bit of glitz and glam to your décor.


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