Elie Saab Resort 2015 Collection

Elie Saab is a talented self-taught designer who has been dress making since the age of 9. His collections are modern and luxurious. They range from Haute Couture to Ready To Wear and worn by the rich and famous.

The new Resort 2015 collection. Saab gowns are elegant, romantic and feminine. The dream like designs are soft and detailed with fabrics such as mousseline and silk. We particularly love these designs as they are versatile for different body shapes and skin tones. The collection offers a range of patterns, styles and colours. The materials on the floor length gowns elegantly fall over the body and create the perfect design for a black tie affair. The shorter skirts on the other hand offer a sheik alternative for a sophisticated cocktail party wedding. All the designs have unique embellishments such as sequins, belts or pearls.

There are also terrific styles for more edgy brides such as pant suits. This could also be a terrific alternative for a same sex wedding, female MC's, Bridesmaids or a forward thinking bride. The pant suits are stylish, distinguished and graceful. The designs complement the gowns so effortlessly and will stand out on their own accord.  

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