Winter Wedding Inspiration

Mood: Soft, earthy, elegant, vintage, romantic, organic, inside luxury, frosty.

Colour Palette: Natural, pastel, earthy tones, whites, creams, caramel, soft pink, mixes of greens and browns, silver, greens, reds.

Music: Orchestral, rich sounds, grand piano, guitars, cellos, violins, opera. Think Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys.

Styling & Décor: Working with natural décor can create a feeling of warmth and romance. Think furs, rugs, animal draping, white pianos, bird cages, crystal chandeliers, twig chandeliers, fairy lights, tree trunk cut offs, moss, Tiffany chairs with natural blankets, white table cloths, indoor trees, tea light candles, natural fabric napkins, rosemary, vintage roses, big mirrors with natural or silver frames, fireplace, frosted windows, backdrop with flowers/vines /hanging lanterns, candles, pine cones, old chairs, natural fibres and foliage, snow, icicles hanging from the ceiling, glass lanterns, vodka cocktail bar, white flowers on the ceiling like snow, New York winter street signs, light post lanterns, horse and cart, old fashion ski's and snow sled, ice skates, sandstone, bricks, chalk board menu, leathers, ice buckets, fondue stand, marshmallows, pebbles, silver plates.

Location: Lodge, Cabin, Castle, NYC style ballroom.

Photo shoot: Mountain backdrop, old trees, next to a fire, on a horse, snow fights, ice skating, dark sky with snow. 

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