Perfume Placement: Photos, Theme & Bespoke Scents

It is a lovely touch to select a perfume that you’ve never worn to be your scent of wedding day. This not only gives you a fragrance to always remember your day by, but you can also pick something that will look gorgeous in your photos and match your theme.

Ask your photographer to style them in with your shoes, dress or bouquet. This will make your photos look beautifully styled and give the photographer some terrific props to work into the shoot. You can also have lots of fun with your bridesmaids spraying the scent on them and taking photos.

It is really important that you find a bottle that matches your bouquet, your gown, shoes, purse, setting and above all has a gorgeous scent. If you are having black tie wedding, try to pick a more evening style scent and bottle. If garden a vintage wedding, try source out an old gorgeous vintage bottle.

There are also perfumeries that can customise your own perfume, such as Fleurage in Melbourne Australia. They can either make it for you or you can join in a workshop and make it yourself! You could even buy or make a bottle for each of your bridesmaids or mothers of the bride and groom so that they have something nice to remember the day by.

As you can see, I did! I found this gorgeous bottle when it first came available during a work trip to London. As soon as saw the bottle I knew it would look stunning next to my dress. And the fragrance smelt so beautiful that I knew this was the scent that I wanted to remember my wedding day by. Now every time I wear my fragrance I think about the day.

Take a look at some gorgeous bottles below for inspiration or contact the guys at Fleurage to make your own.



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