Top 5 Hair Style Guide

Deciding on your hair style for your wedding is a major decision. It is best to be open to an array of styles as not all will work with your hair type or suit your face. It is really important to have one or two hair trials at least 3-6 months before the wedding. If you are planning to grow or change your hair this should be considered as this will change the styles you can work with. 

The classic look in the first image is very popular amongst brides today. It is timeless, simple and elegant. High chignons are also becoming popular for brides who want a refined bohemian look. This style suits an extravagant dress. 

The braided beauty is a trending style where brides are creating luscious manes to team with a more eclectic or vintage dress. It gives of the feeling of a carefree spirited bride. Simple, stylish and natural. 

Sleek pony is a minimalistic look that has been opted by brides who want a very sophisticated gown and a fashionable look. This look is designed to have a centre part or slicked back effect. 

Ultra Whimsical look is a look that is usually chosen by brides who are wanting a free flowing natural style. It is romantic, soft and whimsical. Incorporate fresh flowers in all white, bold or pastel colours. This style is perfect for a garden wedding or beach theme. 

Oscars look is based on deep side parts, distinct sculptured waves based on Hollywood in the 1920’s.This look is suitable for both short and long hair but will need to be dressed with plenty of spray so it holds in place for an extended period (and during dancing!)

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