Dressing Your Flower Girl

      Image Source: Etzy.com

      Image Source: Etzy.com

It’s really important to consider a range of aspects when picking flower girl outfits. Here are some quick tips on what to think about before purchasing the little gowns and their accessories.


We think it is really nice if the Flower girls adheres to the dress code you have selected for all your guests. Your dress code is essentially how formal (length + style + shoe) you’d like your guests to be.

For a flower girl here is a little guide on how you could style their gowns for your dress code:

Black Tie: Full, long, white, princess like. Simple and elegant with accessories such as pearls, crystals, diamond hair pieces. Think lace, tulle or silk fabrics.

Formal: Either long or short is usually acceptable. Colours can be used. Accessories can be a mix of stones and gems.

Cocktail: Knee length, floaty, soft, colours are OK and not to many sparkles. Think organza and tulle. Flower wreath in the hair.

Lounge Suite: Knee length or long but fabric should be more casual such as linen or cotton. Feathers or wild flowers in the hair.



Your dress code is somewhat separate from your theme but they should still go hand in hand. Select your dress code, then you work out what theme you’d like to style the day with. So, you’ll need to work the Flower Girl gowns into both these areas. For example, Black Tie Dress Code + Hollywood Theme; Cocktail Dress Code + Vintage Theme; Lounge Suite Dress Code + Beach Theme. It is really important you match your theme with a correct dress code which is something we’ve already written about.

Image Source:  Tutu Du Monde

Image Source: Tutu Du Monde

Please don’t just pick base on something "cute" or "white" rather than considering what would work best with your wedding concept. The flower girls dresses should be chosen very carefully and we suggest you always refer back to your storyboard design before choosing the gowns. Some styles you may be looking at: 

Bohemian: Cotton fabrics, feathers, wild flowers, natural colours, sandals.

Vintage: Tulle, sequins, knee length, flapper style, lace hair bands with feathers, slipper style shoes.

Beach: Light fabric, knee length, pastel colours, whites, bare foot or sandals.

Hollywood: Ballet, swan lake, ballet slippers, tights, silks, tulle, lace, pearls, diamanté, white.

Country Barnyard: Cow girl boots, feathers, tulle skirts, feathers, native flowers or straight flowers such as lavender.

Vineyard: Lace, roses, silks, sparkles, ballet slippers, white dress with red roses, pink dress with white flowers.



Before you pick you flower girl dresses consider the season you are having your wedding in. If it is really cold then you will need to add on some little jackets or woollen tights to the outfit. If warm, then it might not be appropriate to dress in thick material gowns or with hundreds of layers of fabric. The little ones may not be as forgiving and understanding as your bridal party!



The durability is really important not only so they look wonderful in photos, when walking down the aisle or dancing, but so they can have FUN and you not worry that they will be little grubs all night!

What will they be playing in (grass, dirt, ice, hay...)?

Will it crush?

Can it easily be cleaned if marked on the night?

Can it easily tear?

Can they lose accessories easily (headpieces, broaches, earrings, bracelets)? Are they attached appropriately?

Do the items fit properly or will they complain all night?

Will you have access to a sewing kit just in case?



It is a good idea to always get the parents of the little girls to bring a back up gown... just in case! It may not be your dream dress but if the little darling has an accident before the wedding you don’t want last minute stress or them to miss out entirely.



Hold off purchasing the gowns until you have found the bridal dress, decided on the theme/colours, season and dress code. You may also find that the little ones grow up very quickly so they may not fit the dress if you buy it a year in advance.

Final word of advice is please don’t just leave it up to the parents of the child to pick the dress. You may end up very upset and disappointed with their selection.



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