Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

There is nothing quite like collecting your wedding book after your wedding and reading all the weird and wonderful comments that your friends and family scribble down in your wedding book. However, it is nice to think outside the box when thinking how you'd like your guests to put their messages down. The more creative your message book is, the more likely your guests will actively participate in the tradition.

It really can be a hard task for friends and family to write down all their lovely thoughts - particularly when there is a full bar and dancing on offer. Most guests want to be part of this tradition, however, if there is nothing novel and attention grabbing they often forget to do so.

So why not make it fun and not too onerous for your guests. Rather than expecting them to write a whole page of memories and sentiments, it may be nice to just either give them "activities", something where they just sign their name, or give them interesting spaces where they can write a little note for you to keep.

Here are some eye-catching ideas to think about for your wedding.


Images sourced from Pinterest