Bring Your Own Make-Up

If you already know what make up you love we'd recommend you bring that along to your make up trial. Ask your make-up artist to work with your own make-up as much as possible.

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(1) It's really nice to wear special make-up by awesome brands! We love products such as Mac Cosmetics, NARS, Chanel, Burberry or YSL as they are always coming out with really glamorous shades and finishes. 

(2) Make-up artists usually have their own favourite products to work with. That said, we recommend you do your homework first. The brands they use may not be the nicest brand or one that is suitable to your skin. 

(3) Providing your own make up can help avoid any skin irritations. However, if you really don't know what make-up to use then ask your make-up artist to provide a list of the products. You can research the ingredients on your own and test the products on yours and your bridesmaids skin prior. if you really don't want to provide your own make-up then ask your make-up artist to do a skin test on you so you can check for any reactions. 

(4) Stock up before your wedding. Have extra supplies on the day just in case. You can wear it for the months following the wedding and feel special every day.

(5) Ask your bridesmaids to bring their own colour lippy (or buy one especially for them) that matches your overall look. That way they can top up throughout the evening.

And if you can please try to avoid products that are tested on animals. We all love our furry friends!