Mind, Body & Spirit: Consummating Your Wedding Night

Image: Huffington Post

Image: Huffington Post

So much emphasis is placed on the "wedding night" that performance anxiety can be a crippling factor. Many couples have found themselves too stressed, tired, drunk or unfit to even enjoy it. So in order to relish the first official night we'd suggest you work hard to get your body and mind into shape!

As a woman you want to look beautiful for your newly wedded husband. As a man you want to make sure that all the gear works juuust fine. We'd suggest you sit down together and prepare what we like to call a 'wellness plan'. What is a wellness plan you might ask? It is a simple checklist that you both can complete together on a daily or weekly basis starting at least 6 months before your wedding.

Once you have set a date for your wedding, start thinking of the things you want to improve about your body. Not only will you want this so you look amazing in your outfits and photos, but so you can feel light on your feet, energetic, and have great stamina and strength. Put together a plan which is easy enough to stick too.


What are the things you'd like to do to improve your skin, nails or hair. This might include waxing, skin peels, hair care products etc. Your bodies will be closer than ever and you want a soft silky touch.


Exercising in the lead up to your wedding will help you power through the long day (and night) and keep you feeling uplifted. Try to find a regimen that will work for both you and your partner and set common goals. Work it in with your daily schedule and be realistic about what you can achieve. This might be booking in a personal trainer together twice a week, walking the dog, going to fitness classes, riding a bike or swimming at the beach.

Yoga or Pilates are also really terrific for toning, flexibility and mental focus. As a couple this is also a great way to work extremely closely together with your bodies and mind. Certainly something you can replicate on your wedding night. 


We can't stress enough that you will be flat out during your wedding planning process. You will have a range of emotions: tired, frustrated, excited, anxious, nervous, and stressed. Throughout this process you want to learn how to focus your mind and relax so that you are not stressed out on the day and into the evening.

Meditation is a wonderful way that you and your partner can connect on a day to day basis. Not only will meditation help you chill out and focus during your planning process, but it is a wonderful tool for you and your partner to use when connecting with one another. Channel the right energy between one another and reduce any anxiety associated with the day and night. Look in your local area for places that can teach you all about meditation. 


Think about a meal plan that will be wholesome and will make you happy. It should also be a plan that helps keep you healthy. Eating the right food will boost your energy levels and your stamina. It will also help prevent you from becoming bloated, constipated or sick. There are also some wonderful online guides that can educate you on healthy food and teach you how to prepare really interesting meals. We also suggest you speak with your doctor, personal trainer or a dietitian to create a plan that is best suited to your body. 

Your health, fitness and diet should be considered at any stage in of lives. However, it isn't always easy to get that drive or motivation needed to get started. Use your wedding day as a target date and reason to push for success and improve your future well-being (both in an out of the bedroom!). Don't miss out just because you did not do your healthy homework! 



*NB: Consult your local dietician, doctor or fitness provider before putting together any health or fitness plan.