Hanging Blooms

Hanging blooms around your wedding reception or ceremony is a wonderful way to create impact and a stunning visual effect. Hanging blooms could be as simple as dangling a few from door or it could be a master creation with hundreds of thousands of blooms dangling from the ceiling.  

Whilst the construction of large displays can be expensive one thing that I recently learn't from one of the industry's leading floral designers, Preston Bailey, is that you construct the hanging masterpiece using silk flowers. It can be problematic using fresh blooms as they might drop, they are susceptible to the heat and they cannot be prepared in advance. 

So your hanging masterpiece would be mostly silk flowers with an occasional fresh flower in the mix for perfume and effect. However, this very much depends on how close your guests will get to your flower display. If they are going to be very close then it may not be wise to use silk flowers or have such a dramatic display. Our suggestion is that you put fresh flowers on their table and have any hanging flowers high enough or far enough away that guests would not inspect them closely. From afar the silk flowers will look just the same as real flowers and your guests will be blown away by the number of blooms you have at your wedding!! 

The other upside to using silk flowers is your arrangement can be made well in advance. There are stunning silk flowers available so it might be something that you can make yourself (if small enough). Otherwise contact an incredible stylis - such as The Style Co in Melbourne who can help you design something spectacular.

Smaller hanging flowers can be put in little glass drops or wound around twigs and hung from trees. You could also install lovely runners that spiral down stairs, tables or wishing wells.

We also recommend you incorporate a lighting display into your hanging blooms (either chandeliers or colour & natural bulbs). This will give the hanging display depth and an interesting visual effect. Just be careful not to use any live candles dangling next to silk or real flowers!