Whileaway Guides

Having a destination wedding? Whileaway Guides can offer fabulous bundles of information on key wedding destination areas around Australia. Within the guides, you’ll find all the information you need to keep your guests entertained throughout their stay. From local attractions to fabulous eating places, each guide offers the perfect pocket-sized itinerary for guests.

What do you get?

Whileaway Guides can be fully customised: include illustrated maps, unique itinerary and tailored information specific to your wedding. The package is bundled up with a gorgeous cover featuring your names, date of your wedding and event location, which then become the ultimate destination invitation or save-the-date package for your wedding.

If your wedding destination doesn't feature in their current packs, the talented team at Whileaway Guides can work with you to create something completely bespoke for your big day.

Why we LOVE the little guides

The independently sourced guides will save you hours and hours of research and sleepless nights wondering how you will entertain all those guests flying in just for you! The wonderful creators of Whileaway Guides, Jess and Kitty, are not only passionate explorers but they have visited every single destination they have written about. 

Each guide is independently sourced. Every little book is unique, unbiased and honest. The books only feature aspects that Jess and Kitty loved. There is also no advertising or paid-for content. We love this about them, which is why we have included them on our site based solely on their merit and usefulness to any savvy bride planning a destination wedding. 

How are the guides useful to brides? 

“Written to whet your appetite, the information is displayed in an itinerary style and grouped by location so it’s easy to navigate from one place to the next, making it simple to plan ahead,” Jess explained to K&C.

“We know there is so much information out there, you could trawl the internet for days. But do you have the time? And how do you know it is good?”

We could not agree more! Using bespoke guides like these will give you complete confidence that your guests are shown the most amazing experience in your chosen destination. You've equipped them with everything they need to know to make your romantic wedding getaway a memorable experience for them too!

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