Dealing With Caterers

Dealing with catering companies can either be a very pleasant experience or a very difficult one. The best advice we can give a Bride is to have a budget in mind! Don’t just go to a caterer asking them to come up with a menu for your big day simply based on your generic preferences.

It is important to give them instead very clear guidelines on:

       Image: The Lane

       Image: The Lane

  • How much you can afford to spend in total;
  • The maximum number of guests you expect to have;
  • An idea of what proteins you would like to serve; and
  • What you really don’t want to eat

They will be able to do wonders with this very simple but fundamental information.

The first stages of your reception planning are pivotal. We recommend that you talk to at least three different catering companies, and of course if the venue you intend to have your reception at provides catering services include them in the three quotes but don’t settle with them just because it’s easier. Caterers offsite can do wonders even with a pop-up kitchen and sometimes it is worth the trouble as the results may vary significantly.

Other major factors in choosing the caterer for your reception are their responsiveness, accuracy and mannerism. Trust and reliability have to be built.

  • How long does it take them to give you a quote?
  • How far off are they from your budget?
  • Was it easy to communicate with them?
  • Did they offer you to go and taste anything that they thought would be suitable for you?

Additionally we would always recommend you to choose a caterer with a Gold Licence, as this recognises caterers who achieve satisfactory food safety, professionalism and work standards within in their businesses.

Going into further detail, once you have found the right caterer for you, think about giving them as much information as possible with regards to what you would like to see on your big day. Don’t ask for the world though. Be reasonable and give them clear instructions in particular if you have a theme which you want reflected in your menu i.e. colours, textures...