6 Reasons Why Your Wedding Speech Will Be Easy

The thought of giving a wedding speech might send your stomach into knots. But do not fear. Here's why your wedding speech may be the easiest public speech you ever give.

     Image: Bridal Musing

     Image: Bridal Musing

1.     You don’t have to speak for very long: usually only 4-5 minutes.

2.     You are amongst a group of friends: they will encourage you and want you to feel comfortable. They already know your personality and want to make this easy for you.

3.     Your content is largely predetermined: the main point of the speech is already outlined traditionally (see the order of wedding speeches and groomsmen speech). You just need to add some personal touches.

4.     The MC will give an introduction: they will have warmed up the audience before you speak.

5.     Your jokes will be funny: most people will be a few drinks under so they will laugh at your not so funny jokes.

6.     Weddings are fun: the atmosphere of a wedding is loving, happy and fun occasion.

If you are still not comfortable with the prospect of giving a speech, then we suggest you book yourself into an evening class (such as Toastmasters) or practice with some close friends. You want to be able to speak confidently and know what is written on your page intimately. Rehearse your speech at least 5 times in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Don’t ever expect to “wing” it on the day or to write something really heartfelt the night before.  



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