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As most of our brides know we only like writing about people we truly love to work with and believe in their talent. Next We Meet Photography is definitely one on our list. Photographer Dan O'Brien has an eye for the extraordinary, the edgy and the uniquely urban. 

Image:  Monique Ferguson

Image: Monique Ferguson

We first met Dan a number of years ago when he was bouncing between weekend weddings and weekday/night shoots for Warner Music's latest and greatest artists such as Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. He's mingled with the best of the best and taken front row seats at some of Australia's most exclusive artist viewings. 

Dan has an edge over many photographers because he has been trained as a graphic designer and studied at the KVB Institute of Technology. He understands the principles of design... shape, line, texture, form, balance, colour. He is able to use all these skills when styling and visualising the perfect shot. He has an edge because he can understand and appreciate music. He can balance beauty, song and design all into one single shot. 

Next We Meet Photography attracts a couple who aren't afraid to take risks. Whether you'd like your photos taken in an abandoned warehouse or on a skateboard, Dan will make your pictures unique and individual. Dan captures the beauty in what is around him and whilst he can offer a unique edge that many photographers don't have, he can effortlessly shoot even the most classic of weddings and includes this in some of his finest shots.

We asked Dan if we could write this piece. In doing so we requested some information about his training. This is what we learnt.

"At first using photography as a way of building a library to use in my design work. I quickly gained a passion for photography. Like a lot of beginners I bought my first “real” camera when I saw a good deal in a catalogue for a Nikon D70. 

While working as a graphic designer for Warner Music Australia I was able to further my photography skills shooting concerts and festivals after hours. Shooting from the often cramped photo pit in front of the stage dodging falling crowd surfers and other photographers. It was here I learned how I was going to be different from the rest. While seeing 15 photographers falling over each other trying to get the same shot I looked for the different angle, the different photo. Something no one else had. Always challenging myself to find a better photo. As well as the pit I went on to backstage presentations with artists. Anyone from Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars to Megadeth and Mastodon. Eventually starting my first photography business Secretly Excited.

After upgrading my equipment I studied at the Australian Centre of Photography in Sydney. Learning how to control light, posing, working with models. 

My first wedding as a photographer was for my sister. Then a friends’ wedding. It was then I discovered a joy in capturing a couples journey together, being a part of a wonderful and exciting day. Finding new ways to capture each moment… Just like in the photo pit, challenging myself to find the better photo.

Studying and learning alongside some of Sydney’s best photographers, refining and developing my own skills, I eventually starting Next We Meet Photography focusing on wedding photography. Combining my love of design, photography and storytelling.

Next We Meet has always been about finding the better photo. Realising that no two weddings are the same. Learning how to watch for a moment. See it before it happens... and be ready with the camera." 


We'd highly recommend you contact Dan if you want unique, urban and edgy photos that are crafted by a talented designer.



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