Rainbow Roses For Weddings

We recently were given the most beautiful rainbow roses. At first we thought they were fake silk roses and could not understand how they could possibly be real with so many colours! Our curiosity got the better of us so we did a little research and wanted to share with our lovely readers, particularly in light of the new same-sex couple changes in America.

The roses have in fact been artificially coloured using a method by which water is drawn up into the stem. Each stem is split and dipped in a different coloured water (you can use most food colours). The colour is drawn up into the petals and there you have it, stunning coloured roses! It does however mean that your blooms may not live as long as a normal uncoloured rose. 

You are also not limited to types of flowers - it is possible to do for many different cut flowers such as chrysanthemum, hydrangea, carnation, and some orchids. The original rainbow rose has 7 colours of the rainbow and is apparently the most popular kind. However, you could always search to find companies who could make them in the colours you want. Some companies make pastel combinations, others more vibrant mixes of pink, red, yellow, blue and green. You can even get black and white which would look amazing for a top hat, black tie, or "ying/yang" theme wedding!

And, if you really want to go all out, why not try dying some rainbow fruit too. You could make blue, red, orang, soft or fuchsia pink strawberries, raspberries, oranges! 

If you are thinking this would be an unreal idea for your wedding then we'd suggest trying to keep it as tasteful as possible. There will be a fine line between being cheap versus unbelievably awesome! 



(Images: Pix Shark, Farm Exports, Flipboard, Dreamsicleheart, Hanamasa-k & Fifty Flowers)

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