9 Tips For Styling Wedding Flowers

We've been learning a lot about flowers from the best of the best and wanted to pull together all their tips to help you learn about what is achievable for your wedding. Here goes...

Image: Kisses & Cake shoot with Next We Meet Photography and Fresh Creative Styling

Image: Kisses & Cake shoot with Next We Meet Photography and Fresh Creative Styling

TIP ONE: You don't need to add chemicals to your water. Just make sure the water is changed daily and it will help make them last longer. If you plan to DIY your own flowers, you can get them from the markets a day or two prior to avoid stress on the actual wedding day.

TIP TWO: Most flowers do not die that quickly. If you pick the right flowers, such as orchids or roses, they can survive a whole day out of water.

TIP THREE: Tulips can open. If you peel the petals back carefully, one at a time, they can open into a beautiful full shape.

TIP FOUR: Branches need to be hammered before they are placed into water. Simply smash the end so they can drink the water and will help them expand nicely and stay fresh.

TIP FIVE: Avoid using flowers such as hydrangeas, lilies, tulips and gardenias for your bouquet as they may not survive as well.

TIP SIX: Some flowers, such as lilies, have anthers that can stain a gorgeous white dress. Make sure you remove them first or pick flowers without any staining properties.

TIP SEVEN: Hydrangeas need to have their bases smashed and put into any water arrangements. If this is done 24 hours before, they will have enough time to drink the water and then can be placed into an oasis and last the evening through.

TIP EIGHT: Only use silk flowers when styling backdrops or ceilings. As a rule of thumb, if it is fake then keep it away from eye level. That way your guests will just assume they are real. 

TIP NINE: Another great alternative to fresh flowers are gorgeous potted plants. You can keep them after the wedding and enjoy them for years to come. 



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