Adele & Nicol Matheson Real Wedding

We were blown away when the gorgeous Adele and Nicol Matheson's wedding photos landed on our desk. They were simply spectacular (and we'd think nothing less of Blumenthal Photography!). The couple were both really involved in the wedding planning process and we must admit Nicol was one of the most involved grooms we've ever seen. Stunning couple, beautiful wedding and terrific planning. We are thrilled to share their experience with you. 

Image Credit: Blumenthal Photography


How did your husband propose?  

Nicol took me out for a surprise Sunday lunch. We were picked up by a Mercedes-Benz limousine and driven around – past three or four good restaurants, until we arrived at Catalina, Rose Bay. He then asked me if I was “OK on small planes?”. We flew on the sea plane from Rose Bay to a mystery destination, which turned out to me Berowra Waters Inn up on the Hawkesbury. When we arrived, Nicol took me out on the deck, where he dropped to on knee an proposed. Of course I said YES.


Did he have a ring?

Yes, Nicol was a bit sneaky and had sourced my exact ring size. He produced an amazing diamond set in white gold, which slid perfectly onto my ring finger. We had an sublime degustation lunch – initially accompanied by a round of applause from the 80 or so other diners - and then our original car met us at the wharf – where we then visited my mum and then my dad with the good news. They, of course, already knew this would happen at some point soon, as Nicol had previously asked their permissions.


Did you have a special way to ask your friends/family to be in your bridal party?

No, we just asked each one individually.


Did you have an engagement party? If so, what did you do?

Just a few low key drinks with close friends one Friday evening at the 4 in Hand Hotel in Paddington.



Tell us about your ceremony (e.g. speeches, styling, location, music)

Our ceremony has held at St Mark’s, Darling Point. The bells pealed on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon 25th February 2012 and the choir sang. Readings were made by Nicol’s sister, Charlotte and my good friend, Sarah. My bridal party consisted of my Maid of Honour, my sister, Anna, also my good friends Amber and Cindy. Nicol’s team consisted of his Best Man, Mark and groomsmen Sam and Doug – all Old Cranbrookians. 


How did you select your celebrant, minister...?

The church provided the minister, Rev Dan Cole, who was very good. We had a couple of interviews and we also undertook pre-wedding counselling over a three week course, which we both saw real value in – we still reap the benefits.


Venue & Destination

Which reception venue did you select and why?

The reception was held at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (the “CYC”) down by the water, nearby, at Darling Point. Nicol’s late father was a long time member and the Matheson's moored their yacht there. Adele’s father had also recently joined the club. The CYC was an easy downhill walk from St Marks for the guests. The bridal party headed off to Centennial Park for photographs and champagne, while the guests were treated to drinks and canapés accompanied by acoustic music from Slide McBride.

Once the bridal party arrived, dinner was served and the band played dinner music. The food was fantastic. Speakers at the reception were the Master of Ceremonies, Adele’s brother, Michael, the Best Man, Mark, Adele’s father Richard and both Nicol and Adele spoke.

After dinner, cake was served – a banana cake with passionfruit icing from Simone Logue. We took 5 minutes to sit down together and stare into each other’s eyes lovingly as we ate our cake, before we danced the Tango to the classic “Por Una Cabeza” and then the dancing began. 


How involved was your venue in the planning process?  

The CYC was great. They provided all the options and prices on request and were very accommodating. They also provided a dedicated event consultant and nothing was too much trouble.


Bridal Styling

Tell us about your dress, shoes and accessories and how you found them?

My dress was from a boutique in Paddington called The Wedding Boutique. I knew it was right straight away and it fit like a glove. My shoes were from Gary Castle.

Nicol’s dinner suit and shirt were tailored by Rocheforte in Elizabeth Street, Sydney. He also had “tie your own” bowties and linen pocket squares made by his tailor – for himself, his groomsmen and Adele’s father and brother. He sent them each a youtube video with instructions on how to tie their ties and asked them all for an honest attempt!

How did you coordinate and choose your Bridal Party outfits? What were the challenges?

Being a summer wedding, I went with apricot bridesmaid dresses from Seduce.



What challenges did you face with coordinating your invitations and guest list?

No challenges at all. We knew we had capacity at the CYC if we needed more room. As we paid for our wedding almost entirely by ourselves, we made the executive decisions over the guest list together. We drew the family line at first cousins and friends invited were those we see regularly. There were 108 on the list in total and we had 99 there on the day.



We’d love to know which suppliers you used to plan your big day and a bit about your experiences working with each them

They were all great:

·       Hair – Hair Biz, Vaucluse.

·       Make-up and nails referred by our photographer.

·       Photographer – Blumenthal, Rose Bay.  Dan Blumenthal himself shot the wedding along with an assistant. There was no videographer.

·       Wedding Cars - 4 x Mercedes S500 limousines (3 x black, 1 x silver) by En Route Corporate Cars (Stephen Curl)

·       Flowers  by Bloomey’s Kings Cross (Nelson and Janet)

·       Dance Coach – Patio de Tango, Bondi (Pedro)

·       Music by “Slide McBride”.

·       Bon Boniere – The Treat Factory, Berry, NSW

·       The Sheraton on the Park, Sydney


Project Management

What tools did you use to make sure the day ran smoothly e.g. run sheets, budget charts?

MS Excel – budget & run sheets. Nicol ran these both. We paid for as much as early as we could, so there was not much left to pay for at the end.


Did anything go wrong on the night?

Adele forgot to throw her bouquet!


Any tips for brides?

Keep lists and don’t overthink things.


Themes, Colours & Inspiration

Tell us about your theme and wedding style? Where did you find your inspiration?

Classic white wedding in black ties.


What were the must haves in your wedding?

A live band, the bells rung at the church, a great photographer – we got all three.


What did you love most about your reception styling?

The flowers on the tables.



Did you make any of the decorations yourself?

We gave people a small “hit list” card on their table of 12 things to snap on the night and send to us e.g. red shoes, flower girls, someone laughing etc. Many people emailed us great photos. 



What were some of the unique elements to your wedding (e.g. activities, games, food stands)?

Perfect summer weather and drinks amongst the yachts – and an unbelievable band. 


Health & Wellbeing

Did you undertake any special health routines in the lead up to your wedding?

No, we just showed up. We relaxed a lot and did a few walks.



Where did you have your honeymoon?

Hawaii: the Big Island, Maui and Waikiki. We spent two weeks there and got amongst some great activities – scuba diving with turtles, whale watching, cycling down a volcano to sea level at dawn, we drove around the island of Oahu including the famous North Shore in a convertible Mustang, we toured the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, we toured a pineapple plantation, we played husband and wife golf at Kona, we toured a micro-brewery, lots of massages, great lunches and dinners – “Hula Pie” everywhere we looked, Nicol even got a haircut.


Post Wedding

Where is your dress now?

Dry cleaned and hanging in a garment bag in the spare room. I wore it on our first anniversary and Nicol wore his dinner suit and we had a romantic dinner for two at our house.


Would you do it all over again? If so, is there anything you’d do differently to make the process easier?

Yes, we’d do it all again. It would have been great to have some more financial assistance (Adele’s mum bought us the cake and wedding dress and Nicol’s mum gave us $5k – total budget topped $75k) but at least we retained creative control. Hawaii was an excellent honeymoon destination (which was partially funded by our registry “Not Another Toaster”)  and while we will definitely go back, we’re not rushing back.


Thanks Adele and Nicol for sharing every intimate moment of their special journey together. Since getting married the couple have had a gorgeous little boy Charles. We wish them all the best in their future.



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