African Wedding Inspiration

African weddings can be anything from lavish to simple, modern to traditional. A traditional African wedding could feature lively musical performances, henna tattoos, dancing, and singing. Africa is rich with traditions and cultures for brides-to-be to draw inspiration from for their theme and styling.

Look to Africa’s people, wildlife, landscapes, and traditions to add a little of the continent’s liveliness to your wedding. Check out the tips and images below!  

Mood: Vibrant, lively, grounded.

Colour Palette: Tans, browns, and oranges, muted colours with pops of reds, blues, and yellows.

Styling & Decor: Traditional African drums, low lighting or natural sunlight,  candles, wall hangings, beaded jewellery or hair pieces, many patterns: lined or animal print.

Location: Grassland, beaches, desert sands, marquee.

Beauty: Face painting, henna tattoos, primary-coloured beads, line and square patterns.

Music & Entertainment: Traditional African music that features instruments like the lesiba and the pipe, dancing or performance to the mokhibo, the San trance dance, and other traditional dances, poem performances.

Photo Opportunities: Grasslands, beaches, safari animals and/or luxury tents.

Dishes: Rice sadza (porridge), stew, fish, chicken, lamb, West African gumbo.


Rachel Lynne

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