Should You Have An Engagement Photo Shoot?

Wondering if you should have a pre-wedding photo shoot? We spoke to Popcorn Photography and they've offered some wonderful tips on what you should know and how you can prepare. They call it a "Boy Meets Girl" shoot. 

Images: Popcorn Photography


Why is a boy meets girl shoot so valuable?
It’s a bonding session, a time for you to get to know how your photographer works and for your photographer to get to know how you interact as a couple.

How much time before the wedding should a couple have their shoot?
This depends on whether the photos are going to be used for the wedding (invites, stationery, etc.). In that case asap after booking, otherwise around three months before the wedding is fine.

What style of outfits work best?
Plain colours work best. Patterns tend to date quickly.

Should they bring props along?
We love it when clients bring along props or a storyline they want to achieve… Makes the shoot so much more fun.

How do you pick the location? 
Sometimes the client has a spot in mind, otherwise we will meet somewhere close by to one of our secret locations and go from there. Other times due to weather, or time restraints we may just decide on the day.

How long does a shoot take?
As long as it takes for the clients to be comfortable but normally between one and two hours.

What tips can you give couples preparing for their pre-wedding shoot? 
Get a good night’s sleep, hydrate and try to relax!!!

What do you recommend couples avoid?
Anything goes really (well, within the limits of morality, legality, etc, etc.)

What style is trending in boy meets girl shoots?
Fully styled shoots… lot’s of flowers, lot’s of colour, as well as themed shoots (think a day at the beach, a cooking lesson, recreations of the proposal).

What can couples do with their images?
Anything is possible, save the date cards, invitations, montages of images to use as decorations at the wedding, the list is endless.

Is it a bad sign if photographers do not offer this service?
No, not at all. It depends how the photographer works and their business model.

Do you believe it should be included in a package or as a separate price? Why?
We only include it as part of our album package; however it is available as an extra with our other packages.

Anything else? 
Remember that this is a special time that the two of you can be yourselves and just enjoy being together. The photos/advice/tips and tricks provided are just a bonus.


Thanks Rog & Mere from Popcorn Photography. If you'd like to get in touch with them for your wedding check out their site or drop us a line!



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