ASOS Launches Affordable Bridal Wear Collection

Online giant ASOS has launched a 18-piece wedding line with gowns that start as low as AUD$269. The spring/summer 2016 collection includes embellished crop tops and ivory slip dresses available to purchase now.

Budget conscious brides can now save thousands of dollars on designer gowns and turn to high-street fashion for their wedding frock. ASOS is not the first online retailer to start this trend, brands such as H&MTopshop, Coast and Monsoon have also launched cost effective bridal collections. 

The latest ASOS collection will feature 1930's-inspired vintage slip dresses, floaty bohemian gowns and floor-length lace creations. The brand has looked to celebrities wedding gowns, including Olivia Palermo and Kate Moss, for inspiration. The concept of cheap gowns may seem rather un-tempting for brides who want a luxurious and glamorous affair. However, these giants have shown brides-to-be that they can have a show-stopping design at the fraction of the cost.

Brides can purchase matching accessories and shoes creating a full look for under $800AUD. There will also be a bridesmaid collection on the site so you can order all your bridal party outfits in one hit. Your bridesmaids can try on the gowns and send back if they are not appropriate.*

There has been a lot of media coverage over the past few days about the pros and cons of this launch and the concept. Does purchasing a low cost dress cheapen the sanctity of marriage or does it in fact offer brides the opportunity to buy a fashionable gown for a bargain price? In my opinion, a wedding should be simply whatever you want it to be. The cost of the gown, flowers or venue or whether your budget is big or small is somewhat irrelevant. The day is about love and how you choose to share that with your family and friends is completely up to you.

On my wedding day I was fortunate enough to adorn a stunning Oscar de la Renta gown and felt incredible wearing it. Whilst there is no comparison in design or quality to an exclusive high end Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang piece, they are simply out of reach for many brides around the world working within a tight budget. Spending thousands on a designer gown may not be a priority or option for everyone.

If you don't work in the wedding business like me and/or risk years of debt to pay for a gown, then it is perfectly acceptable to opt for a cheaper fashion-now gown. Unlike many other brides, you'll be laughing all the way to the alter (and the bank!). 

It's the love, not the look, that should really matter.



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*Check ASOS terms and conditions for their return policies. 

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