Australia's Most Popular Wedding Date

Here it is ladies and gents: the most popular wedding dates for Australia. This study has found that couples might unknowingly follow a very similar pattern each year. 

What Do The Statistics Tell Us?

The wedding dates from over a eight-year period charted an interesting spike on certain dates appeared. Fairfax Media took it into their own hands and did an analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics data and found that the most popular day to get married within the sample period was November 10, 2012, closely followed by November 11, 2011 and October 10, 2010. We seem to like numbers that all match up nicely. Are we a superstitious bunch, just like order or want to be sure we never forget the date? 

Most Popular Month?

Some may also think it is just due to the nice seasons being October and November in Australia. So the researchers broke the data down by days of the week. Saturday and Sunday were the most common (no surprises there!). Even still, the same pattern emerges, regardless. 

Least Popular Month?

The pattern also showed that July (winter) is the least popular month. It also means it most likely will be the cheapest for venues and hire items as many of the vendors will not be booked out and will be a bit more flexible.

Why Does This Happen?

Dr. Jess Nithianantharajah, head of Synapse Biology and Cognition at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, believes that it is down to survival and the human need to create order out of chaos. "Your brain is wired to want to form associations and then complete the pattern... It's what we do for any kind of information in the world," she said.

I must admit for my wedding, I chose Australia Day for three good reasons. Firstly, it was a long weekend. Secondly, it would always be a public holiday so we could have the day off together for our anniversary. Finally, neither one of us would NEVER for get it! No excuses.

There is sometimes a catch though when picking popular dates or public holidays. The cost. Most vendors and venues are well aware of the appeal of those days so they have the option to increase their rates, the cost of deliveries, the time or availability of set up/collection, or venue accommodation. So whilst it might be great to have a little extra time at your location, just be prepared that you and your guests may pay a premium for the privilege!



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Information Source: Bride To Be and Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015. Cover image: Beautiful Moments Blog & Etsy.