Bespoke Bridal Illustrations

Imagine having your own personal illustrator create a Vogue style print of you in your wedding gown with your new hubby. We've found an incredibly talented illustrator, Emma Ferguson, who can capture your wedding day in a truly classic art form. Who said you just need a photographer?!

Kisses & Cake asked Emma to give us some information on how she works and what a couple can expect when working with their own illustrator. And, we are just completely in love with the stunning designs below that Emma has created exclusively for Kisses & Cake. 

Bridal Illustration

As an Illustrator, I create bespoke wedding illustrations of brides in their beautiful gowns, newlywed couples together or even family members from the bridal party. This is a unique and personal way to capture candid memories from that magical day.  

The creation process for a bridal illustration starts with the bride emailing me one or more wedding photos with a description of what she envisages for her bridal artwork. I then sketch the outline with pencil and add watercolour. 

I finish off the fine details with black ink and white acrylic paint. The final product is posted out beautifully presented on a bend proof board and then can be framed and hung on the wall for a lasting memory.   

Vouchers for bridal Illustrations are increasingly becoming very popular for a gift which is a little different and outside the box. These are perfect to give to that special someone for their Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas Gift. One of the things couples really love about their guests personalised illustrations is the artwork is completely bespoke to them and that their wedding memories will be transformed into a form that is both classic and timeless.  



Emma Ferguson Illustration

I am a Sydney based Bridal, Baby and Fashion Illustrator. I have had a passion for illustrating beautiful gowns from a very young age and have always been inspired by the enchantment of weddings, especially the beauty and extravagance of a glamorous white wedding gown. As a part of my Diploma of Fashion Design that I completed at East Sydney Tafe, I was originally trained in fashion illustration.  I also studied classical drawing and painting skills at the Julian Ashton Art School and the Waverley Art School. 

Starting out solely as a fashion Illustrator, I then branched out into bridal illustration. It all started when a close friend of mine got married and requested that I illustrate her in her beautiful gown so she could hang it on her wall. We both loved the finished product and she suggested I make a career out of it. My bridal illustration days started and I love every moment of it.

I work from home in a small, brightly lit studio, where inspiration always finds me.  My main mediums are watercolour, white acrylic paint and black ink. This combination of materials allows me to accurately and creatively render beautiful wedding gowns. I love the ethereal fluid transparency that can be created from watercolour paints, contrasting to the vibrant and highly saturated effects that can also be attained through watercolour. This, in my opinion, married with a fine black line of ink, makes for a stunning bridal artwork.

If you'd like to get in touch with Emma for your wedding or next event, visit

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