The Best Man's Speech

Typically the best man speaks on behalf of the bridesmaids. They are known to be funny, cheeky and humble. It is often the highlight of all the speeches and a great way to get the crowd going for the other speeches.

Image: The Plunge / Cover Image: Pumpkin Events.

Image: The Plunge / Cover Image: Pumpkin Events.

What To Include

Some of the things a best man speech could include:

a)    Thank you to the bridesmaids.

b)   About his duty as best man and some of the challenges for getting the groom to the ceremony on time.

c)    A funny story about the groom in the past – this should not refer to past girlfriends, dirty stories, the honeymoon or topics that are meant for a 21st birthday party.

d)   A story about the bride and groom together.

e)    A toast to how wonderful they are as a couple and best wishes for the future.

Don't Just Google

When writing the best man speech please don't “google” all your jokes and any words of advice. It is really obvious to a crowd that these have been manufactured and are not honest or personalized. If you are not a funny person you don’t have to try to be. If you want to get some help putting together some witty comments then speak to a trusted friend who may have a good way with words!

Equal Love

It is also really important that you make this speech equally about the bride as you do the groom. Generally speaking the bride will not have her maid of honor speak so it is your duty to make them feel equally special. It is also about THEM as a couple. This isn’t a birthday party where you are speaking about just your friend. The challenge is to celebrate them both equally. That is what the day is all about after all! Be kind, caring and thoughtful in the words you share with the couple and their guests.


The best man speech is very important. If you are not comfortable with public speaking then we suggest you enroll in an evening class or practice with some close friends. You want to be able to speak confidently and know what is written on your page intimately. Rehearse your speech at least 5 times in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Don’t ever expect to “wing” it on the day or to write something really heartfelt the night before.  

One final word of advice. Whilst it might be tempting to down a few to many beers in the celebrations leading up to the speeches, please be respectful of the couple and stay sober until after your speech. 

Good luck, breath and be awesome.




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