Bridesmaid Styling With Australian Designer Luom.o

Kisses & Cake met with talented bridal gown designer Luom Ousby of LUOM.O at their fashionable boutique in Sydney's fashion precinct, Paddington, to learn all about how to make your bridesmaids both timeless and fashionable. 

Here are their styling tips and pictures from our exclusive photoshoot with the talented photographer Dan O'Brien from Next We Meet



My top tip for brides when considering bridesmaids dresses is to really look at the body shape of each bridesmaid they have in their bridal party, and choose styles that will flatter each girls shape. There is no reason why you can’t have one or two different styles.

Most importantly, keep styles simplistic for that classic finish. Also look at the use of colours, such as navy, black, ivory and even blush tones. These are understated and will look especially stylish in the bridal group photos. 

If the bride’s gown is sleek and minimal in detail, I recommend keeping the bridesmaids dresses of similar feel. Keep all the silhouettes, long and lean. An example for brides is if your gown is slinky do not dress your bridesmaids in typical big frou-frou dresses. This will unbalance the overall look.

A trend that is still popular with brides is having the entire bridal party in the same colour, such white or ivory, as themselves. Although this is a very stylish and modern look, I often do see the mistake that brides make by dressing their bridesmaids in the same silhouette as themselves. This could mean dressing everyone in strapless gowns when the bride is also wearing something off the shoulders.

But is is really a problem when you can’t differentiate who the bride is? Personally, this is a big no-no for me. I’m all for the same colour, but the styles between bride and bridesmaids need to be different.



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Vietnam born and raised in New Zealand, designer behind the brand, Luom Ousby started designing bridal gowns and trading as her own brand in 2004 after she designed her own wedding gown. 

Her inspiration comes from Art, Photography and Music but is especially inspired by Architecture and Photography. Locally, she respects and admires designer’s, Sass and Bide, for their incredible brand as well as Delta Goodrem’s effortless style.

On an international scale she loves Victoria Beckham and how she has transformed herself into a stylish designer with her simplistic style.

Shoot Coordination: Kisses & Cake Weddings | Photographer: Next We Meet | Gowns: Luom.o | Publicist: Magnet PR | Make Up: Makeup Hair Boudoir | Model: Jessica Tessier.

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