Capture The Perfect Kiss: Expert Advice From Michael Boyle Photography

The first married kiss photos of the bride and groom are some of the some of the most important shots for a couple on their wedding day. But, how can a couple prepare for the perfect romantic embrace?

According to photographer Michael Boyle of Michael Boyle Photography, it is important to consider and prepare for all the different stages of the wedding, such as the ceremony and bridal party shoot. Here are Michael's top tips on how your perfect kiss can be captured in time...


Make sure your comfortable with the photographer. An engagement shoot always helps as both parties to get to know each other, their interactions and the shooting style. Practice your kiss in front of the photographer during the session. This will help you to be comfortable kissing in front of your photographer and the camera. You can also look back on the images and see what you did and did not like. What you may have thought looked like a peck was really a big sloppy kiss. You may like to refine your style before the big day!



One of the most terrifying times for a couple is when they first enter the ceremony and say their vowels in front of a room full of people. During this time we recommend that the couple focus on each other and not think about all the others in the room. When capturing the perfect ceremony kiss it is best to avoid placing your hands on each others faces or hiding the kiss by turning your back to the crowd. Avoid quick pecks and give the photographer some time to get a variety of shots.



It is best to do your family and bridal party shots straight after the ceremony. During this time you can laugh and be silly with your friends and family. Whilst your perfect kiss may not always be captured during this time, it will help you to gain confidence in front of the camera before your private shots as a couple. By the time the location shoot comes around, you’ll be so use to hearing the shutter click of the camera anyway.



The photographer can whisk the bride and groom off to a distant location. Here you can be in the moment and show passion for one another without onlookers or banter from the bridal party. This may also be the only quite time you have together all day, so enjoy it! 

Try your best to relax during this time. Some of the nicest shots are when clients are candid and having fun. Your ‘perfect kiss’ will just come naturally.



Romantic shots are great from a far and help the couple to forget that the photographer is even there. It can be very obvious in the images when a couple is distracted.



As a photographer, taking night shots can be the best part of the day as I get to sneak the bride and groom away from the reception. By this time all the formalities are completed and the couple are relaxed after a few beverages. These shots usually are a little more creative, passionate and moody. It’s nice to capture moments that are a little out of the norm from the traditional photographs. 

As a couple you’ll also appreciate the extra quite moment together. Many couples we’ve worked with comment on how it is usually the first time as a married couple that they get to acknowledge and embrace the fact that they have just tied the knot!

About Michael Boyle Photography

Michael Boyle has a passion for photos. Capturing the perfect moment in time is an art. As a 16 year old, Michael would spend days shooting on his fathers 25 year old black and white Pentax camera. This childhood passion has become a way of life forMichael who for the past 16 years has been working professionally as a photographer for weddings, fashion and corporate clients.

Michael is fun yet professional. His ability to connect with subjects allows him to capture their personality and stories through his distinctive portraits. In his own words, “I feel that my style is soft, airy and can adapt to the clients look and feel.”

Michael provides an eye for detail and an ability to use the lens to capture unique angles for any event or occasion. His work has been described as beautiful, stunning, awesome, epic and gorgeous. If you’d like Michael Boyle Photography to capture your life’s series of pictures, visit their website or contact us directly and we’ll link you up.

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