Chopard: Making Fairytales Come True

ONCE UPON A TIME in the small village of Sonvilier, Switzerland, a talented young craftsman called Louis-Ulysse Chopard opened the doors to what is now one of the worlds leading luxury brands. It was here that he designed delicate watches and fine jewellery for the world’s rich and famous. We recently met with the team from Chopard to learn about all their magical creations and to hear all about a brand that has been making fairytales come true. This is what we discovered...



Engagement Rings

Pure and unchanging, a diamond is a symbol of love. Chopard offers a dazzling range of unique bridal pieces set with either one or several diamonds. The colour and clarity of a Chopard diamond is of the highest quality and the jewellers pride themselves in offering an infinite range of diamond variations. A couple can select from the existing collection or the designers can create something completely bespoke for them.

It is often a challenge for brides and grooms to find a ring that is distinctive and timeless. Chopard successfully achieves this with designs that are both dramatic and elegant. The For Love collection features Co-President Caroline Scheufele’s signature heart-shaped motive and boasts a daring design. The variation in each of Chopard’s masterpieces provides brides-to-be with plenty of styles to choose.

L-R: High Jewellery ring in 18ct white gold set with a brilliant-cut diamond of 11.03cts and diamonds (2.31cts); High Jewellery Toi et Moi ring in 18ct white gold set with two emerald-cut diamonds (10.28cts), baguette-cut diamonds (5.12cts) and diamonds; Solitaire ring in platinum set with a brilliant-cut diamond (0.5cts) hold by two hearts; Solitaire ring in 18ct rose gold set with an emerald-cut diamond (0.5cts) and diamond. 


Wedding Bands

Chopard designs wedding bands that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom-to-be and compliment the engagement ring. They come in countless interpretations including the modern style of the Ice Cube collection as featured below. The polished wedding rings come in three gold colours or platinum versions.

L-R: Wedding bands in 18ct white gold; Ring from the Ice Cube collection in 18ct yellow gold set with one diamond; Ring from the Ice Cube collection in 18ct rose gold fully set with diamonds; Ring from the Ice Cube collection in 18ct white gold set with one diamond.


Watches & Cufflinks

Some brides like to surprise their Prince Charming with a present for him on the wedding day. Chopard’s gorgeous collection of classic male watches and cufflinks may be the perfect, timeless gift that your fiancé can forever treasure. One bride recently told us that she had sent a watch to her fiancé just before their wedding and had engraved on the back ‘see you at the alter my darling’.

L-R: L.U.C XPS in 18-carat rose gold; Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 watch in stainless steel, titanium and 18ct rose gold, silvered dial, automatic movement, COSC certification, Black Barenia calfskin strap.



What we adore most about Chopard is the love and creativity that goes into their bespoke pieces. The brand continues to surprise us with interesting creations of jewellery, watches and accessories. They push the boundaries and challenge the world of luxury design and continue to share their magnificent creations with couples worldwide. When choosing jewellery connected to your wedding day, whether it be the rings, cufflinks or a special gift, make it something that has a beautiful story and says ‘happily ever after’ in a unique and timeless way.

Stockist: In Australia, Chopard’s Bridal Collection is available exclusively from the Monards Crown store.

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