Connect Your Guests Before The Wedding

Go above-and-beyond for your guests to make them feel comfortable and welcome at your wedding by helping them to get to know each other in the lead up to the big day. This will not only give them confidence but will create a much more inviting and enjoyable environment for everyone as they will have common stories to share and a familiar face to dance with.


Connect your guests on line through group pages or a wedding website. If you are super organized you could write a cute blurb about each guest (keep it PG and friendly!) so they can see who is attending. This may also help them link up if they need to share a ride or accommodation with friends.

Engagement Party

Invite all the wedding guests to your engagement party. They will have the opportunity to meet over a few drinks and start to learn about each other before the big day. It is also great fun to have some oversized games, such as Jenga When the wedding day comes your guests will have silly stories about the engagement party to laugh about.

Bachelorette / Bachelor Party

Your bachelorette or bachelor party will be a fantastic way for your nearest and dearest buddies to celebrate together and introduce themselves to a few unknown friends. These parties are always fun loving and carefree so it is the prefect chance for them to let their hair down and get to make a few new friends.

For the older guests, a kitchen tea would offer a nice chance for relatives and family friends mingle with one another before the big day.

Private Dinners For Singles

Going to a wedding as a single person with no friends can be extremely daunting. We’d suggest you arrange a few private dinners in the lead up to the wedding with a few of your single friends so they can meet on another and have a familiar face at your wedding. Place them on the same table and they will be forever grateful not to be thrown into the lion’s den alone!

Pre-Wedding Day Activities

Host a reception dinner for your guests the night before the wedding. Whilst it is common for a reception dinner to be only for your family and bridal party, you can always book a location for your guests to go and meet up for dinner. Leave an open invitation and if your guests want to meet a few new or familiar faces they can do so in a comfortable and casual setting.

Another option would be to organize a casual afternoon drinks the night before the wedding. This is particularly fun for destination weddings. And, you can always arrange activities for the day prior, morning of or day after your wedding too. This will keep your guests busy and in touch all weekend long. 



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