Creed: A Royal Scent For Your Wedding

When deciding what to write about and share with our readers we always look for a point of difference, to teach something, be informative and share wonderful stories. We tend to avoid writing articles based solely on one product - as it may seem as if we’ve been paid by them for a product placement when we haven't been.

However, our team all agreed that was one exception. And after visiting them in Dubai, Creed Perfume stood out based on its interesting story and unique scents.

Creed  Fleurissimo  For Women

Creed Fleurissimo For Women

Creed is a niche French perfume house that creates all its perfumes in-house by two perfumers: a father and his son. The brand was originally established in London as a tailoring establishment. They then became exceptionally famous for their perfume in the 1960’s. The brand became tailors and habit makers for royalty, such as Queen Victoria, Empress Eugenie and for fashionable Count d’Orsay.

They then began producing fragrances exclusively for celebrities, royalty and well-known political figures.  They were once commissioned by a political figure who loved brandy and cigars… and so became his scent! Later in the century they broke into mainstream, with their fresh fragrance Green Irish Tweed (1985). It was worn by such celebs as Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. More recently they released to mainstream a fruit and musk fragrance Aventus (2010) which went onto become one of their most popular scents. Adventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace and romance. 

The most interesting thing about the brand is they make fragrances exclusively for clients and they are not available to the public. Some of the fragrances however are later released and sometimes become known as the scent of the person who originally commissioned it

Now, don’t get too excited because it is VERY expensive. A bottle can set you back anywhere between $300-$1000AUD for a mainstream bottle. Having such an exclusive scent for your wedding though might just be worth the splurge. A bottle of his and her creed could be the perfect scent to mark the occasion and something you could keep as a memory of the day.

Creed have boutiques across the world, in Paris, New York City and Dubai. They can also be found in Australia. The boutiques are elegant and smell incredible. We highly recommend you get your own perfect scent!



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