A Day In The Life Of A Bridal Designer: Francesca Miranda

The bridal industry is studded with beauty, glamour and decadence. Those fortunate enough to make it to the top of this extremely competitive market need to be creative, driven, dedicated and extremely persistent. It takes courage and hard work to make it in the industry. One such talent is South American designer, Francesca Miranda, who recently launched her spectacular 2016 Spring Bridal Collection to an international market.  

Kisses & Cake spoke to the bridal designer about what a usual day looks like for he and what her top pieces of advice are for brides. From her lavish flagship boutique in Colombia, Francesca, makes the dreams of brides around the world come true. And this is how she does it….!



Wake up and move straight for the coffee… Café con leche (latte no foam) from my cousin’s local, organic farm here in Colombia.


Pilates at home with my instructor… Exercise in the morning keeps me focused throughout the day!  


In the office with a snack… I start my workday with a glass of water, enhanced with Japanese vitamins and minerals, then a “tinto” (shortened Americano) but this time, Juan Valdez, a Colombian coffee label I love.

First meeting is always with my production team to discuss what’s on for the day, the made-to-order agenda, which international gowns are being shipped out, and of course, where we are in the design process for the new collection. I tend to be more creative in the early morning or late at night.  

I spend most of the morning going back and forth from the office to my atelier, down a flight of stairs… It’s my cardio! So my office style is focused on comfort. I love pairing an oversized shirt dress with a chic pair of sneakers, heels under my desk for meetings. 


Still running between different departments… finance, sales, design, visiting my husband in between (we all work in the same building). Usually hopping on the phone with the sales team from my Barranquilla flagship store to review the latest. 


Back at home for family lunch with whoever is home, hopefully all three children, my father-in-law, and a few friends. With all life’s chaos, I make sure my home is ZEN. I love decorating and redecorating, there’s always a new plant…


Sharp. Back in the office.


I start the afternoon with my custom-order brides, who usually come from different areas in Latin America. I love the one-on-one experience for bridal, but also for couture and evening wear. Appointments can go on until late at night…  


HOME! I get home and lay in bed with my dog. I love it. Dinner is light, unless I’m out with friends or family. 


In my pajamas, hopefully asleep. Tonight I’m lucky. When I’m working on a new collection, there are nights where we stay in the office until 2 am at least! I can’t sleep with out triple checking all the last minute details, especially before we travel to New York for market… I can’t do it! 

It’s a long day, every day… But there is nothing else in the world I’d rather do.

Francesca Miranda's Top 5 Tips 

TIP ONE: Try on every silhouette, every shape, especially the ones you think you don’t like!

TIP TWO: Don’t bring too many people when looking for your dress.  You are the one who needs to fall in love with it, and too many opinions won’t help you make a decision.

TIP THREE: That said, bring the person who will have your best interest at heart (Mother, Sister, Best Friend).

TIP FOUR: Make it your goal to stay calm and ENJOY! The whole process, planning your wedding, trying on the gown, everything.

TIP FIVE: Don’t show your dress to ANYONE!!!! Let it be a surprise. Nothing is more exciting and mysterious than seeing the bride for the first time.

Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

Inspired by influential women around the world, the Francesca Miranda Spring 2017 bridal collection is spectacularly beautiful. The gowns are feminine and soft. Each gown is aptly named after women, such as the Jackie, a 50's inspired high-low gown, for a fashion-yet-timeless bride. The Marilyn, is an illusion bodice princess gown, which has a twist of Hollywood glamour. The Twiggy, is a column gown adorned with floral appliques, for a bohemian bride with some modern flair.

Designer Profile

Francesca Miranda is a renowned South American evening wear and bridal designer based in Barranquilla, Colombia. Drawing on the best of authentic craftsmanship and the diverse indigenous aesthetic around her, Francesca designs with a captivating sense of style and inimitable creativity.

Detailed to perfection, the Francesca Miranda collection incorporates intricate fabrics and unique laces with unexpected silhouettes, each dress handmade by the talented hands of Colombian artisans. Francesca Miranda gowns are sold worldwide throughout South America, The United States, Europe, and Asia. 

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