Elope To Las Vegas!

You’ve got to book the venue, find a dress, decide who to invite, plan out the menu, consider the honeymoon, it’s exhausting, and where the heck is that bottle of wine? Wedding planning is an enormous task and it’s easy to see why some couples would prefer to just forget about it all and elope. While eloping use to almost be considered a dirty little secret that society liked to sweep under a rug, today it is an extremely fun and popular option for couples who are looking for something a little different from the norm.

There’s a very romantic quality to the notion of eloping, running away with your loved one to a secret location to wed in privacy and seclusion without all the pressure that the modern day wedding brings. Today the term elopement is generally used for any marriage performed quickly because the couple dislike or cannot afford an expensive wedding, or wish to avoid objections from family members or religious obligations.

And what better place to elope than that grand dame of the night? Sin City! Las Vegas is awake 24 hours a day, pulsing with life and energy as the ultimate party destination where there are no rules and absolutely anything goes. It’s no surprise then that Vegas is generally considered the ultimate destination for those that want to elope - Britney Spears did it, Kim Kardashian did it, even Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton did it.

Eloping in Las Vegas is surprisingly easy as long as you first make 100% sure you are doing it for the right reasons and are comfortable with your decision. The next step is to pick a venue. You can have a simple civil ceremony at the Office of the Clark County Commissioner of Civil Marriages, or you can go to a church, synagogue, or wedding chapel. You can be married by a priest, a rabbi, an Elvis impersonator, or a drag queen. Be sure to compare prices and make sure you know what you’re paying for as some packages may also include extras like photography, flowers, costume hire, and the wedding officiate.

Getting a marriage license is particularly easy in Las Vegas, no blood test is required and there is no waiting period. You can download the marriage license application from the Clark County Marriage Bureau’s website and take it to their office in person and all will be easily sorted. And it’s important to remember that the wedding will be recognised as legal and valid in Australia, but we recommend you speak with your local consulate or legal practitioner to discuss your own individual circumstances.

The options in Vegas are endless and if you have money to spend, there’s no limit to the amount of fun and frivolity one can have while eloping. The Bellagio Hotel, Caesar’s Palace, and The Cosmo are all spectacular strip hotels offering world class opulence and facilities. Graceland Wedding Chapel, Chapel of the Flowers, and A Little White Wedding Chapel are all popular marriage venues. And with plenty of amazing honeymoon destinations nearby like Mexico, the Caribbean, New York, and Los Angeles, Las Vegas really is the destination that offers everything.

Have fun!


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Couple: Ainsley and Sebastian from Sticks & Stones Agency who eloped in Las Vegas! Photography: Janneke Storm. Dress: Alex Mearing. Hair: Ashlyn Buchi. Images: Rock 'n roll bride.  

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