Furoshiki Bonbonniere Wrapping

After travelling throughout Japan we’ve learnt a lot about their culture and love of precision, elegance and tradition. We have explored some gorgeous traditions in Japan and discovered the beautiful art of furoshiki and a wonderful option for your wedding bonbonniere. 



A furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was used to package and transport gifts, clothes and goods. This technique began in the traditional Japanese onsen baths (which are amazing!) to prevent a mix up of bathers clothes in the facility. It later began a system so that traders could move clothes and goods carefully from one place to the next.



There are a number of wonderful reasons to style your bonbonniere with furoshiki. 

Texture: wrapping with fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon or rayon will add texture to your wedding tables and create visual and physical stimulation for your guests. 

Surface design: mixing lovely patterns and designs will offer a unique visual effect on your tables, whilst still being simple and elegant. If you do choose to style with furoshiki then we would suggest you keep your table cloth one simple colour, such as white, and avoid too much clutter on the table. Let the gifts do the talking!

Theme: we'd suggest you only style with furoshiki if you are looking to incorporate a traditional Japanese element to your wedding theme. Stay true to its origins and hand wrapping technique, however, feel free to add a modern flair through fabrics, patterns or by incorporating fresh flowers or name tags.


We won't lie, this is a time-consuming process. However, your guests will surely notice your hard work and the personalised touch.

If you want to take it one step further you could embroider each guest's name into the fabric and they can then keep it as a handkerchief after the event. This will also replace any name cards on the table and allow the gifts to be the main focus. Just be sure to have the name placed in a part of the fabric that will be seen once wrapped up. We suggest testing this first!!

Do It Yourself

Step One

Cut fabric to size by holding it above your gift and checking that you can tie each corner to the other. Use this template to cut out as many squares as you need. We’d suggest using professional pinking shears. As a rule of thumb a 35 cm square fabric will be enough to cover a 10 cm box.


Step Two

Lift up corner B and pull towards corner C tucking the ends underneath the box.



Step Three

Bring corner C over the box. Either tuck all the excess fabric underneath or fold it neatly so it lines up nicely with the edge of the box. 



Step Four

Lift corners A and D together toward the center of the box and tie a neat knot. If not tight enough or the bow is too large then tie a second knot. 

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(Images: Gave That Blog; Furoshiki.com, Southern NE Weddings, Uponafold, Katja Ramsoe)