Gmail For Wedding Planning

Image: Mountain Bride.

Image: Mountain Bride.

You’ll receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails during your wedding planning period.  If you are not organized you can end up really confused and overwhelmed. So, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to stay cool, calm and collected with your wedding planning emails!

Create A Wedding Email

We’d suggest creating a gmail account that you can use specifically for your wedding, for example, That way you can keep ALL your emails in one separate file and not allow it to interfere with your work.


Allocate folders for all the different parts of your wedding, such as invoices, inspiration, reception, ceremony, honeymoon…. When you need to quickly contact someone you know exactly where to find their email. You may speak to dozens of different suppliers at any given time so you may not remember all their names.


Once you have booked in your suppliers you want to be able to distinguish between those you are using and those that were simply part of your research process. It can be useful to create some subfolders that help you distinguish between the various areas of planning.

Use categories that match your budget breakdown - it will make it a lot easier for cross-referencing.

Use The Star/Flags/Labels

Use the star button to flag your final supplier details and final invoice. You want to be able to access quickly and for their details to stand out.

Unattended Work

We’d suggest that you activate the “unread” and “everything else” sections on gmail. Try to have all the emails that still need to be attended to in the unread section and keep only the emails that are “pending” or “waiting for a response on” in your everything else section.  

Invoice Payments

Make an invoice folder for each category. If you still need to pay an invoice, we’d suggest putting it in the invoice folder and mark as bold/starred. It may be all year until you need to pay the invoice so no need to keep it in your day-to-day inbox. That said, you want it to stand out as still unpaid.

Use Your Calendar

Set yourself “due date” or “goal” reminders. At Kisses & Cake we can always help you put your calendar together and your target goals.  These goals can be entered into your calendar so that you give yourself a friendly reminder that will keep you on track. Make a note in your calendar of all your invoice payment dates so they are all on time (try to give yourself a reminder a week prior so you are not left short). 

Share The log In

Both you and your partner (or anyone helping you plan your big day) can share a log in. That way you are all across what is going on. 

Google Docs

Use google docs (excel, word and folders) to store your images, budgets, and inspiration and run sheets. That way everything is in one place and linked to this account.

Manage Your RSVP’s

Ask your guests to include the word RSVP in the subject title and you can filter them all into one folder. You’ll just need to set up the appropriate filter. This will make your life sooo much easier when checking numbers.

Set Up Supplier Folders In Google Docs

Set up folders for each of your suppliers once you have them confirmed. In these folders you can add all the relevant files you need to work with that supplier, such as final invoice, quotes, updates, inspiration, run sheets etc. Touch base with us and we can help show you all the things you need to give your suppliers in the folders. Then share it with the supplier – that way they are able to add anything they like to the folder and be kept updated regularly.

The Mobile Apps

Downloading the Gmail and Google Docs App will be useful for when you are out and about, meeting with suppliers, saving some of those important Instagram pics, and dealing with last minute urgent issues. You’ll be a walking, talking wedding planner.

Professional Advice

Setting this all up can be really overwhelming - whilst most people manage an email account for work, it really is a very different scenario managing an event email. More importantly, you need to understand how to use it to your advantage. If managed properly, you’ll save hours of time and be seen as ultra professional in the eyes of your suppliers.

We are here! The above is really an overview. We can help teach you about organising yourself so you have a smooth ride! If you get the set up right, you’ll be on the right path to wedding planning bliss and can plan your wedding from wherever you are.

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