11 Healthy Smoothies To Get You In Wedding Day Shape

With your wedding day quickly approaching, you'll probably be feeling a little bit anxious about fitting into a dress you tried on 6 months earlier. Whether it's the lack of sleep, all the engagement cocktails, hen's party cupcakes and vodka, stress or lack of time to get to the gym, we think these smoothies can help get your energy levels back.

Adding more veggies and fruits to your diet will help you feel more energised, less bloated and ready to take on the rest of your wedding planning challenges. Here are 11 easy-to-make drinks that will help get your bod and mind in perfect bridal shape! 

Avocado + Kale

This creamy and nutritious smoothie is super quick for a bride-to-be on the go. It is more of a meal than just a snack and definitely very filling. You can add in some mango or honey if you'd like to sweeten it up! Here's how you can make it {via My Modern Cookery}.


Cherry + Coconut

This little number is perfect for the Summer months when cherries are fresh and coconut is the flavour of the season. Sip on these gorgeous smoothies and dream of balmy days lazing by the pool. It's also good for you. It tastes slightly sweet with a tropical creaminess. You can learn how to make it here {via Little Sugar Snaps

Oatmeal + Dates

Sweetened with dates and flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla, this shake sounds naughty but is actually a good solid way to start the day! Recipe {via In It 4 The Long Run}


Cranberry + Mango

Cranberries are filled with antioxidants and can do wonders for your digestion, stomach and dare we say it, urinary tract! Layer it with mango and spinach and you'll have the most delicious layered drink. Here's how you make it {via Peas & Crayons}

Beetroot + Berry

This drink tastes as good as it looks! The rich hue of this smoothie comes from the mixture of berries and beetroot and is so pretty you'll forget how good for you it is. It would also make an amazing wedding day breakfast drink for your bridesmaids. Here is how you make it {via Foxes Love Lemons}.

Blueberry + Muffin 

This healthy drink is the perfect breakfast treat. It's delicious and filled with oh so good for you oats, berries and almond milk and/or coconut yoghurt. Yum! To make your own click here {via Baking Ginger}

Orange + Banana

This drink will kick start your immune system and help get rid of all your planning stresses. Called the "Stress Buster Smoothie", we think this might just be the answer to your prayers. It's so easy to make and you'll most probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Go on, make one now! You can learn how to make it here {via Simple Healthy Kitchen}

Green Tea + Pineapple

If a lack of energy is the problem then this smoothie will give you all the boost you need to get your planning back on track. Here's how you make it {via Feasting At Home}

Chocolate + Coffee

This super food-packed smoothie will give you a caffeine boost in the weeks leading up to the wedding. An unexpectedly delicious drink filled with protein, fruit (blueberries, grapes), raw cacao and coffee. Recipe {via Hummusapien}


Pomegranate + Citrus

This delicious smoothie makes the most of one of the nicest fruits around. Crisp, flavoursome and healthy, we suggest you freeze some pomegranates when they are in season and then you can use them all year round! This smoothie works well with orange, pomegranate, greek yogurt, honey, milk and ice. Find the recipe {via Boys Ahoy


Green + Orange

This immune boosting drink is filled with nutrient-loaded goodness. It isn't for the faint-hearted and has a fair few ingredients such as orange, mango, lime, nut butter, cayenne pepper, turmeric, coconut milk, berries, beetroot, grapefruit, mint, honey, and chia seeds to name a few. For the full list and method {via The Awesome Green}

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