A Honeymoon on the road

I have found that the open road provides a sense of unique isolation. This seclusion, when combined with the adventure that comes along with discovering new places, can provide a fun and romantic environment for newlyweds. Especially when the trip’s itinerary is set to spontaneity. 

There's no better place than America for a road trip. America’s wide open roads are the perfect place to find hidden gems and an amazing variety of scenery. For my American road trip, I planned to depart from Las Vegas and follow the winding trail of Route 66 through Arizona to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the 1930s, Route 66 was the major path for migrating west. It floundered when the Interstate Highway System took over, turning Route 66’s neighboring communities into ghost towns ripe for exploration.

There's something so liberating about hitting the open road, not knowing where you're going to end up. No hotel booked and everything left to chance. There's no WI-FI in the Nevada desert, but my friend Olivia and I didn’t need it; we liked the added sense of solitude. Route 66 was everything we dreamed off. With the music blaring and the top down on our convertible, we stopped only for food, gas, and exploration. The scenery was breathtaking. We stopped at fading desert communities like Dolan Springs and famous Route 66 old-time outposts like Seligman, Arizona. At one point, we found ourselves at an abandoned gas station, amongst graffiti and items left behind, in the middle of the Arizona desert, and with an amazing naked photo opportunity. It was a dream come true.

We arrived at Santa Fe, New Mexico, and it was a city like dreams. The whole city looked like the set of The Flinstones with its famous Pueblo style architecture. The hotbed for the creative arts and new-age spirituality was a great city to unwind in.

After a few days of rejuvenation, it was time to return to Las Vegas. We decided to go back through Colorado and Utah, so the desert scenery of Arizona and New Mexico was quickly replaced by the rugged beauty of Colorado’s mountains. We drove through picturesque villages and stunning vistas.

The beauty of the road trip is that there is a possibility of an unexpected surprise around every corner. And we were sure glad to find Pagosa Springs and the authentic Key Lime Pie it provided us with. Pagosa Springs is a spa and wellness centre. And its spectacular river running through the centre of town, cascading rapids, therapeutic hot springs, and quaint cafes proved to be lovely surprises.

We continued our road trip by driving through Utah, home of Monument Valley and Mormonism. For over 300 miles we screamed our way through the desert, passing the famed and secretive Area 51.

A few days later, we slowly drifted into Las Vegas. They city’s lights and shimmer had a sobering effect on us. The open road and seclusion had become our bride over the past week, and the noise of Las Vegas was overwhelming.

The spontaneous road trip proved be full of discovery, privacy, and serenity, making it an ideal environment for newlyweds to start their new lives together in. We had seen some amazing scenery, met some fascinating locals, taken some beautiful photos, and gotten off the beaten track. With no end point in mind, we had been as free as we could possibly have been.

Have fun!


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