How To Find The Perfect Wedding Gown For Your Figure

With hundreds of colours, fabrics and shapes to choose from, the process of finding the perfect wedding gown can be extremely overwhelming. We've been there ourselves and know first hand just how challenging it can be for a bride. To help put your mind at ease, we've spoken to one of the industries leading designers, Inbal Dror, about how to find the perfect dress to fit your unique figure. Dror shares her pro-tips whilst giving us a preview of her latest designs from the Fall and Winter 2016 Collection. 

The dress

What is currently trending?

I think it depends where you are located. Trends tend to be very localized to a culture or area. That said, there is definitely a trend of more sheer gowns and more lace on the runways.


What are the most important questions a bride should ask their bridal designer and why?

First, you should be comfortable with your designer, not just their aesthetic but how they relate to you and if you feel confident in their ability to listen and trust their recommendations. Feel able to ask if a certain design suits you, a designer will recognize straight away if a certain style or shape of a gown is not suitable and will tell you and suggest an alternative or an alteration.

Ask about timings and fittings, how many, how often and so on. Each gown is custom made to your body so you need to be aware of how long this takes and how often you will need to be fitted. Of course the underwear question, what kind and how much! Tips on how to put the dress on (most women are not used to wearing a full length gown), any styling tips, jewelry, and of course the cost!


What dress styles suit what figure types (e.g. hourglass, petite, busty)?

My suggestion is to try on different styles of gown even if you think they are not the right style for your body type. This is a once in a lifetime dress and does not fall into the usual 'rules' of one style works for one body type and not for another. I think women just know when they look amazing and if you feel beautiful in the dress, chances are it is the 'one'. Take someone you trust with you and believe them and your designer.


Should a bride go with a style in mind or simply be open to try on everything?

Often brides are surprised that what they imagined would not suit them is actually the perfect choice.


What is the common mistake made by brides picking their gown (and making sure it suits their body)?

Such an important gown carries so much emotional weight so take your time in your choices and don't compromise.


How many dresses should a bride look at before they commit and be sure they have the best one for their body?

This is the most important piece of clothing a woman will ever wear in most cases so don't rush, look at as many as it takes and remember that you need to feel beautiful and comfortable in it.


What styles, fabrics and finishing are most flattering for fair skin? And olive skin? Others?

In my most recent bridal collection I use champagne, vanilla, ivory and white as well as a stunning charcoal blush fabric. Certain tones complement different complexions better than others. Very generally speaking a very pale skin often doesn't take well to the more yellow hues of champagne; olive and dark skin suit most colours but stark white can sometimes not be flattering to olive skin. In terms of fabrics, I would say there aren't any hard and fast rules.


What heels best suit what gowns and body types?

As long as your heel height is made known to your designer you can go with the heel height you feel best in and you can walk confidently in. The gown is made to take into account heel height. Generally speaking, a sandal is better suited to a gown that is light weight but there are no hard and fast rules, you will be able to try styles when you try the sample gowns to give you some ideas.


How long would a gown usually take to order?

16 weeks is our recommendation, depending on the gown [and your location].


What underwear should a bride wear to accentuate their best features at a fitting?

Wear simple, nude underwear for the fitting and take a strapless bra.

The Latest Collection

Inbal Dror

Can you please tell us about your designs and background?

I started designing at a young age and went on to study fashion at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv. I then spent some time in Milan learning from some of the great seamstresses and designers. My designs always come from my first inspiration, the female form. All women are beautiful, their bodies perfect and my gowns are designed from this starting place. Each collection then comes from a different inspiration; a place, a mood, an object of beauty. Inspiration is everywhere.


What is the inspiration for your latest collection?

I wanted to try to catch the energy and eclectic vibe of New York City. The business suits, the bustle, the street art juxtaposed with the beauty of nature in Central Park.


Who is the Inbal Dror bride?

My designs particularly appeal to the bold, fiercely feminine, confident woman.

Article complied by Kelsey Olive. Images courtesy of Inbal Dror Bridal.

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