How To Plan Your Wedding At Work

Wedding planning really can be a full time job and very stressful for those taking on full time loads and planning such a large-scale event. Whilst we don’t encourage anyone to do the wrong by their employers during valuable work time, we understand that when planning your wedding will need to contact suppliers in their working hours. 

Of course, we’d always suggest getting some help from our consultants as we could take a lot of the stress away from full time workers. It will save you time and money – all-important things to a busy professional. It might be a nice engagement gift or bonus from your boss!

Image: Michael Boyle Photography

Image: Michael Boyle Photography

9-5 Survival Tips

SHARED FOLDERS: Create a wedding folder on your personal cloud based email, such as Gmail. Have lots of subfolders in the “Drive or Folder” section. Keep a copy of ALL your documents in here and this way you won’t lose anything or waste any time searching for stuff you need quickly. You can also share this with your fiancee and both have dual access. You'll both be alerted of any changes without needing to contact each other.

NOTES: Open your notes app in your phone. If you have any thoughts pop into your mind, you can always quickly jot them down so they don’t get lost. You can get straight back to your job at hand and attention them during your lunch break.

EMAIL: If you spend most of your day on your desktop, open up a blank email as soon as you get into the office. When you have a spare few minutes you can fire off a bunch of emails in a fraction of the time.

PLANNING SPREADSHEET: Use your wedding “budget and planning spreadsheet” to quickly refer to quotes and tasks. Colour code this so you can very easily recognize what is outstanding and needs attention.

CALLS: Use your lunch break to call or visit close by suppliers. We recommend you send them an email or text to just confirm the time you will be calling at that time so they can be available. This time is critical and can also be the only time during the day that you can focus completely on the wedding with out interruptions. We suggest that you either tell your colleagues that you are on your lunch break or leave the office with your laptop so that you don’t get unwanted interruptions.

FITNESS: Exercise is crucial to keeping a clear head and relieve stress. We’d suggest you fit some time in either before or after work for your fitness. You can also use this time to focus on getting in shape for your wedding day. Pilates and Yoga are terrific regimes that will tone and classes usually only take about 25-minutes.

TRAVEL: If you commute to work, this is a terrific time for you to plan, organize or finalise any of your wedding plans. If you don’t have internet connection, draft any emails you need to send or make a list of your plans. You can always fire them out as soon as you get internet. We’ve worked with couples who do a lot of interstate travel so we recommended they write their guest list, seating chart and vowels on the plane.

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