Incorporate Your Pooch Into Your Proposal

To pull off the perfect proposal is no easy task. You'll want to create the most magical atmosphere that will be sure to make your lady melt. Incorporating your furry friend into the proposal might just be the perfect way to lighten the mood and give a little extra playful love.


How To Incorporate Your Dog

There are a number of ways you can incorporate your dog into your proposal. Here's a few ideas:

1. Tie a ring to their collar and ask your partner to call them into the room.

2. Place a note on their collar and ask your partner to retrieve it.

3. Teach your dog to fetch a ring box and bring it to your partner.

4. Go for a hike to a remote picnic site with your dog and propose while you are all together.

5. Have a dog jacket printed with 'will you marry me' on the side.

6. Place the ring in your pups jacket and ask your partner to retrieve it.

7. Bury the box in a special place and ask your dog to dig up the treasure and give it to mum.

8. Have a collar with 'will you marry me' embroidered on the side.

9. Place some flowers around your dogs neck with the ring attached by a ribbon.

10. Ask your dog to wake-up mum and fetch the ring box.


Look After Your Pooch

When including your pooch in the proposal you'll want to follow a few little guidelines.

1. Have some dog treats and water on hand to reward your friend for all their hard work.

2. Make sure you don't have any fireworks or loud noises as you 'pop' the question. This can frighten the animal and will certainly detract from the mood. 

3. Arrange for your dog to be nicely groomed professionally before the big day. 

4. Have a friend come and take the dog home if you plan to have a few to many celebratory drinks. 

5. Make sure that any items hanging from your dogs neck will be safe and unable to harm the dog. Your furry friend may pull and play with the item and you do not want them hurting themselves.

6. If you do place a jacket on your dog, please make sure it is appropriate weather so they do not overheat with all the excitement.

7. Speak with your local Veterinarian if you are unclear about what is acceptable.

Whilst incorporating your dog into your proposal is a really special idea, please remember that dogs are not always predictable. The best laid out plans may not go exactly right so be cool, calm and ready for a day of laughter, fun and a whole lot of sloppy kisses.  



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