Q&A With Bridal Hair & Make-Up Expert Liv Lundelius

We recently spoke to Professional International Makeup Artist & Bridal Beauty Expert Liv Lundelius about how to achieve the perfect bridal lips. Liv has also given us some really useful tips on how a bride can prepare for their wedding and what to expect when booking a beauty expert.

Skin Care

In preparation for the big day Liv suggests that the bride addresses any skin issues or hair colour changes in advance. “I don’t recommend changing skin care, facial routines and treatments or a different hair colour within the last 2 months of wedding planning”.

Liv provides her brides with a detailed information sheet on how they should prep their skin before the big day.


It is really important that a bride is open to exploring a range of styles with their hair and make-up artist. Whilst there are brides who love to follow fashion, artists such as Liv recommend that a bride sticks to what they know and avoid trying out styles that they haven’t ever worn. A bride “should look like themselves and the way all their loved ones and partner knows them”.


Ask your beauty experts to put together a schedule for you so you are aware of how much time the make-up and hair will take on the day. “I always provide a schedule for my brides after checking with the photographer and/or wedding planner”, said Liv. You need to be confident that your make-up will not be rushed or make you late for the church.  


Collate some pictures and products you like to discuss with your make-up artist. “The more information they bring for the trial the better. I always provide a document with all tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the trial”. We'd suggest you put together a professional storyboard, rather than simply relying on Pinterest. That way it also will tie in nicely with your theme and mood of the day. We've written all about storyboards here. 


It is really important you pick an artist you trust and who has an excellent portfolio. That way you can rest assured that they would be up with the latest techniques and be able to pick the perfect style for you. 


We really love Liv’s style. We met Liv at a trade show but had been followers of her work for years. We’ve chosen to speak with Liv because of her talent, not because we were paid too. We highly recommend you give her a shout too.



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