Six Quirky Wedding Activities

You have all your favourite people in one place. They've dressed up in their best outfits and travelled long distances to watch you get hitched. So why not help them let their hair down and get to know all the other guests by offering them some fun and light hearted activities? Just remember to keep the games in keeping with your theme as it can make or break the tone of the event.

Arrange for a large novelty cut out of a bride and groom so your guests can pretend to be you for a minute!

Commission a professional artist (or talented friend) to paint the reception and individual portraits of your guests.

Find-a-word napkins are a fun way to entertain your guests whilst they are waiting for the bridal party to arrive or placed on the bar. You can buy here.

Make or buy your own little Cootie Catchers for your guests to dare each other and giggle the night away together.

Wow, what about a spin the wheel! Ask your MC to spin the wheel during his speech and call upon guests to be part of the action.

A kissing booth or photo wall is a great way for your guests to feel like part of the family! Put up pictures of you and your favourite moments.

And here's one extra for FUN!



Save all your googie eggs for a special sparkly bridal send off.

Paint the emptied egg shells in gorgeous colours and fill them with glitter. Ask your guests to smash them together, on each other or on you as the night draws a close. Just check with your venue first to make sure you don't end up with a big clean up bill!

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Images: Tulle and ChantillyCuts & Stitches, The Knot, My Wedding Reception Ideas Blog.