Selecting Your Wedding Musicians: Expert Tips

We've worked with some incredibly talented musicians over the years. From DJ's to Jazz bands, every musician offers a different experience for the guests. However, there is one musician who in our opinion stands out clearly from the crowd, The Piano Man. So much so that he was chosen to perform at our Director Alexandra's wedding. 

Scot Finnie is The Piano Man. He is one of the industries greatest assets. His performances are passionate, genuine and thoughtful. Scot knows how to set the perfect tone throughout the evening, effortlessly and beautifully. He has an incredible energy that resonates through his music and keeps the guests up on their feet the whole evening. Scot has entertained the best of the international entertainment industry, including Neil Diamond, The Eagles, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, John Travolta, Tom Jones, Keanu Reeves, Kylie Minogue, Russell Crowe, John Farnham and Olivia Newton John. He has also performed for Prime Ministers and Governors, business leaders and societies elite. Scot has also been the leading act at many industry fashion shows. He has shared a piano stool with Jennifer Hawkins in a television tribute to his work and opened for great performers such as Luciano Pavarotti. Breathless... Speechless... We sure are!

We've been inspired by Scot's talent and ability to transform a wedding in to a romantic affair through music. We asked Scot if he could spill some of his secrets and give us all a little insight into the industry and how a couple can choose the most experienced wedding performer.

-Listen to his tracks below-

Images provided by The Pianoman

Images provided by The Pianoman

The Piano Man's Expert Advice

"You may have loved a band, musician or DJ at a pub or club, but this doesn’t mean they understand what’s required at a wedding. Make sure your act knows the mix of ages and has the repertoire to suit. Also make sure they understand that the flow of a wedding is not the same as at a venue. They can’t stick to a formula of 40 minutes on, then disappear to the green room for 20 minutes like they might at a venue show. The last thing you want is for your MC to be searching for the band or musician when the bridal waltz is about to be played.

Likewise, if you have a DJ, the cool guy in the baseball cap and sneakers with a laptop is probably not going to have the required polish to cut it at a wedding. Maybe use him for the engagement party, but not your wedding. Chances are, he’ll be too cool to stick to the playlist you give him anyway, and by the 3rd song after your bridal dance, your uncles, aunties and grandparents will be beating a path to the exit, and that’s not what you want at your wedding.

On the flip-side, there are many larger wedding DJ companies who employ part time DJ’s who are picking up work on the weekends to help pay their mortgages off faster and get away from the wife and kids on a Saturday night. Often, these DJ’s will have had no personal contact with you prior to the day and will be reading from a brief prepared by their employer when they arrive, worn out from the working week and certainly not sharing your enthusiasm for your big day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many part time DJ’s who are very dedicated to their work and genuinely love what they do, but make sure you get some references and check them out first.

The other all important thing to make sure your musical artist is on point with, is personal presentation. Musicians and DJ’s need to dress in a manner in keeping with the importance of the occasion, and not like they would dress at a venue.

Equally, they should adhere to a code when it comes to consumption of alcohol. Nothing looks worse that a musician or DJ with a beer in hand or perched on his gear. Remember, you are probably paying double what an act will receive in a venue, so don’t be afraid to require a better standard of presentation and behaviour. 

Of course, if you choose a dedicated wedding professional in the first instance, that conversation won’t even be necessary. They will know the rules and that is why they get the work."

- Scott Finnie (The Piano Man).

The Piano Man's Recordings

Your Wedding

If you'd like to be one of the lucky brides to have The Piano Man perform at your wedding we'd suggest you get in quick. Scot is certainly in demand so don't miss out. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Contact us if you'd like us to do some introductions!

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