Shape Your Wedding Vision: Part 1

The first step to shaping your wedding vision is to decide on a concept. The next job is to bring it to life. One of the key factors to doing this is to set the mood and tone for the event through things such as music, colour, lighting, décor and food.

A nice way to think of your wedding is like a musical: it is broken down into parts; there are different sets for each scene; the lighting creates visual interest; the music sets the mood; and the décor can evoke an emotional response from the audience.

You are the director of this musical and you are responsible for setting the scene and making sure it all falls into place. Put your audience in the right mood and make each stage of the wedding memorable and interesting. The way you set the mood will impact greatly on how your guests feel throughout the day.

In this four part series we talk about how to set the scene through colour, texture, lighting and sound.



Image + Cover: Inside Weddings

Image + Cover: Inside Weddings

Colour shapes mood and will express purpose and elegance. Hot colours, such as reds, oranges and yellows create energy and fun. Cool colours like blue, green and purples create a sleek, natural and modern feel. Creams, pale pinks, pale lavenders are colours frequently associated with love and romance. Create the right ambiance for your personality.

Colour is also associated with sensory experiences. The intensity of the colours you’ve selected will impact on your guests and help establish a theme. In other words, if you pick a colour palette of autumn colours then you would create a warm, inviting and organic feel to your day. Your guests may feel like they can smell autumn leaves in the air.

It is also important to select colours that work well together and for your theme. Blue as a colour can be quite masculine and this may not be the response that you want to give. We encourage a couple to speak to one of our coaches who are trained in colour styling about the colour wheel and how it can really help you give off the best emotional response. Certain colours may inadvertently create a mood that is cold, disjointed or inharmonious.

White is the most common colour brides choose for their ceremony décor and flowers as it denotes spirituality, purity and solemnity. When it comes to your reception, there is no reason you cannot use some more lively and energetic colours. Your reception flowers should be chosen, generally speaking, for their colour and possibly scent. Similarly, your decorations, linen and tableware will also be chosen to fit in with your overall colour scheme. Everything doesn’t necessarily have to be one colour. Rather, pick a colour palette and work from there.

{We've written loads about colour: 'Do Brides Really Need To Pick A Colour Palette', 'Understand Light + Colour' and 'Styling With Colour And Scent'}



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